Wednesday, April 13, 2005

article about the Loft

Just to bring it to people's attention, here's Christian Kiefer's query about the Loft:

Gallo is a spooky motherfucker, that's for sure, but Buffalo 66 is a terrific movie.Meanwhile, I'd like to explore the idea of writing something about the Loft: Maybe something long. Wanted to know if you Lofters would be willing to talk to me or if you think of me irreversably as the enemy / idiot / j.o. / asshole. I'm not sure if "irreversably" is spelled correctly so you can add "bad speller" to that list as well.I figure how that the Loft is over it can be safely embalmed. I'm kidding (kind of). I've heard it called the important "venue" in Sacramento ever but it's history is untold. Thing is: I don't know any of the Loft people and in fact most of the people I talk to know about it but seemingly few have first hand experience. I know some (most or all) of you here have and do, so I'm asking: Can we talk about it?

If anyone wants to lead him down the path for this article, I'm sure it's easy to get his email off of the News and Review web page. I went to the Loft alot for shows but I wasn't really that involved and I never staffed the Hindenburg or anything. I guess he should get in touch with Soriano.


Christian said...

E-mail is The silence thus far is deafening. Here's the thing: I have to write something for the cover of SN&R for the week of the Sammies and I can't think of something less appropriate than writing about the decidedly un-Sammie-like Loft. Rage against the motherfucking machine, say I.

Anonymous said...

bull fucking shit.

buffaloo 66 sucks.

beckler said...

ok. that's your opinion.

c.k.-sorry, there's nothing i can do. soriano's still working at the bookstore, right? (i must confess i haven't been into time tested in forever since beers moved right around the corner). you should talk to him first, and then if he talks to you, you've got the ball rolling. without his participation, there's no story.

Anonymous said...

Quit trying to break into the Loft Scene, CK. You don't think we all see the pattern. First the RTL review, now your'e commenting on Heckasac, tomorrow a lengthy article in the SN&R....

Christian said...

Anonymous: Yeah you're right. I just want you all to be my friends. What does a man have to do to get a hug around here?

Christian said...


Any chance you could send me your E-mail address?


Anonymous said...


Will Soriano talk? It all depends on him, C.K. The Loft is his smelly, smelly baby. The oral history of the Loft has always moved me, especially when told by McNeil --who used to live there no less. That guy is totally Loft. He also clocks the Loft's death at around '97!! Holy shit, dawg.

Seriously, while the Loft may be dead (at least as a venue) there are plenty of great bands from that era that deserve coverage. And they play weekly at the Distillery (next door to the Loft). The Four Eyes or the Bananas are two bands who released bitchin' records which could use reviews in the paper. Why does the paper review so few local releases?

Loft Loft Loft,


Christian said...


Soriano tells me that he still needs to keep it quiet because of using the Loft as a practice space, so it looks like no story after all. At least not now, anyway.

Every time the paper does more local reviews people write in and ask why we're doing so many local reviews. It's a no win situation there. I'm trying to recify that some (the local reviews) but changes are slow, in part because the paper is terribly short staffed right now.

I'd love to write about more "Loft bands" and will try to do so in the future.


Anonymous said...

CK, how's about a cyber hug? Although not officially sanctioned by the loft, I did play there once. Here goes:
I know, it's just not the same some how.


Anonymous said...

People don't like local reviews? And they actually take time to write in that there are too many local CDs getting reviewed? Why is that the weirdest thing in the world?

So "X" is a cyberhug. What is an "O"? How about "XOXO"?

This post is posted by none other than your cyber friend....


Head ache!

beckler said...

I think they have both too many local and too many national reviews. What about reviews of music from space? Is that not hip enough for the news and review? Or is it just too cutting edge for them to even know about?

Anonymous said...


I hate music from space! It is the WORST kind of MUSIC EVER! If the NEWS and Review EVER writes about music from Space I will cancel my subscription!

Just kidding. I actually love music from space. Jar Jar and Midiclorians' third record is one of those "growers". It took me about three years of owning before the music actually hit me. But when it did... BAM! Classic.

you can buy it at the Hindenburg.

- I Will Not Give My Name!

Yes I will

beckler said...

Don't you mean you can buy it at the SPACE Hindenburg? You know, the one in space.

p.s.-let's just keep adding comments to this forever heckamax. From space.