Monday, April 18, 2005

Knock Knock article

Good job E.S. on the Knock Knock feature in the News and Review:
This is a pleasant, well written little article. I even learned a couple of new things. I didn't know that they are recording an EP for Tonvendor to put out, and I didn't know that the lyrics of "Like Lightnin'" were about Heckamax's thyroid. I bet this is the only song to ever be written about an under-producing thyroid. Of course songs about over-producing thyroids are well-traveled ground, but Knock Knock avoids such cliches.

They are playing this thursday with the Knightmares and the Pets at Old I.


DB said...

I think "I've Been a Drag" is a reference to Al's thyroid condition as well.

Anonymous said...

Erin did a great job. I really liked the article and was glad that she made reference to the thyroid. Its a big part of the sound.