Wednesday, April 06, 2005

coupla reviews

I have a rock and roll three day weekend coming up. This is exciting. Tomorrow is Pets and Ariel Pink. There is a funny but untrue rumor going around that Pets got the show by being friendstered by Ariel Pink. Pets instructed me to keep spreading this rumor. Friday is the long-awaited Readymades reunion at some place that's supposed to be cool in Woodland. Saturday I am attending a private bowling party and then the Bananas/LYME REGIS/Readymades show at the hated Distillery.

Half-assed food reviews:

Grace and I at Dragonfly again. I had fun this time, too. We split a seared ahi appetizer that had a little wasabi and a little mayo stuff and tasted good. Then Grace got the crispy calimari salad that I got before and enjoyed and I got a noodle/veggie thing that was good but I thought it was too salty. Perhaps I am just too sensitive to salt cuz Grace thought it was OK. I have learned now though that complaining that something is too salty after you eat it is a great way to get a free dessert (which I have turned down both times lest you question my motives).

I ate at Paesano's last night. Have you forgotten about Paesano's? Perhaps it's time for you to fall in love with it all over again. OK, that's too strong, it's not that great, but it seems to have lost some of its hip luster in the last couple of years and now all the people that eat there get their SUVs valet parked across the street at Zocalo (heaven forbid they walk two blocks). They have toned down the obnoxious music, and last night it was good R&B at a reasonable volume. I got to hear "Whip Appeal", which made me happy. Just what is whip appeal? I can't figure it out. "whatever you want, it's allright with me, cuz you've got that whip appeal, so whip it on me". Anyway, we wanted pasta and Lucca's was crammed three deep at the bar and if there's one thing I've learned about Lucca's is that they suck at seating people when they are crowded. It is hellish to stand at the bar because you are in everyones way and sometimes the wait is even longer than they tell you. Also, I think I vowed not to eat there anymore after the last time I ate there. So we took off and almost ended up at Spaghetti Factory, but that seemed depressing, so we wandered around until I remembered Paesanos. Boy is this an exciting story. We started out with some putrid cheap cabernet. We also got some baked sourdough with "Paesanos oil" which sounds gross but is really good olive oil and balsamic with some red pepper flakes. This hit the spot. I got the tuttomare pasta. It's shells (it's weird that its shells) with tomato sauce, fresh spinach, cheese, and shrimp. The shrimp was overcooked and tough, but the rest was really tasty. Nothing fancy but it tasted good. It also came with garlic bread and there was enough of it for me to eat it for lunch today. H got the spaghetti with meat sauce because he had been craving meatballs and he said it was good. I tasted it and concurred.

I just noticed that the Savannah BBQ place is open right by Jacks. I'll have to try that soon. Speaking of losing its luster, Jacks seems much less crowded than it used to be. Maybe people tired of the annoying multiple line system.


Alice said...

despite the fact that i eat there once or twice a year and am mostly satisfied with the food, i'm secretly happy that jack's is having problems if only because their name is so dumb. what's so 'urban' about sandwiches and a salad bar, dude?

Erik said...

Anna and I went to Savannah BBQ right after they opened, & I thought it was good... you can easily split an entree between 2 persons. The BBQ was quite good, as was the fried chicken. BBQ was more on the vinegary side but still tasty. Sides were authentic southern style. The owner was very friendly and hails from Savannah. I hope they stay open, their location is sort of tucked away and hard to see on the side street behind Jack's.

ammmmmanda said...

North Carolina BBQ is vinegar based. Even thought they say Savannah, they serve North Carolina BBQ.

Anonymous said...

Are the FM Knives really playing?



beckler said...

oops. nope. no fm knives reunion. yet.

Anonymous said...

If the Readymades show in Davis gets rained out (since its outside and there is a chance of rain friday evening) you can always run over to the UCD Coffeehouse to see the last 4 Eyes show for a while (summer?).


leon said...

Speaking of food reviews. Keep up the good work!