Wednesday, April 20, 2005


so bored. so, so bored.

Sarah K. if you are still reading and would like to post about your party, go ahead and post the time and date and directions. If not, I'll find out from someone else. You can't keep me away from your party even if you try!

Watched Chinatown last night and it may be my favorite movie ever. Top 5 for sure. I watched the interviews with Polanski, Towne, and Evans afterward. Nothing too exciting but it made me mad when the only thing Polanski said about Faye Dunaway was to note how he wanted her to look. He wanted her to look like how his mom looked during that era, with superthin drawn-on eyebrows and cupid bow lips. Now I agree she looks amazing, but no one even talked about her acting. She is PERFECT in this part. Just think about the fact that the studio wanted Jane Fonda and I think you'll agree that this movie probably wouldn't have been so great without Dunaway. I think Jane Fonda would have sucked it and brought way too much of her own personality into the part. Maybe Polanski and Dunaway didn't get along, she's supposed to be quite a bitch.

Dianna Griego Erwin had a column a couple of days ago about the public meetings that Sac city will be holding to talk about the 20 year plan for Sac's future. She gives the dates and places for all the meetings here:
Supposedly, up to 200,000 more people will be moving here in the next decade and a half. Fuck. That sucks. That's depressing. Maybe I should just move to Fort Lauderdale and PARTY ALL THE TIME!


Alice said...

guphy and i have a rio linda backup plan. supposedly they have some nice victorians in their city center. i haven't seen them. but maybe we could swoop in on that real estate market and drive out the meth.

DB said...

Dunaway and Polanski battled constantly during the making of the film...the most famous story is that while filming a scene Polanski noticed a hair out of place on Dunaway and instead of calling for makeup just yanked it out of her head. Also, he apparently told Nicholson to really slap her during the big revelatory scene, which is supposedly the shot that make the final cut.

But then Polanski also raped a 14 year-old, so really this is small potatoes.

beckler said...

I know. Another sick genius that I love. I was just thinking how he should come back to face the charges. If he never gets to make another movie in America all the rest of the movies he makes will be so...Euro. Like the Ninth Gate. Not bad. Just Euro to the max.

Anonymous said...

there is a great story in easy riders raging bulls (one of my favorite books of all time) about a scene in which faye is sitting in a car. apparently they had to shoot over and over again and polanski wouldn't let her get out to take a leak. so finally she pissed in a cup in the car and threw it on his face.

DB said...

"Easy Riders, Raging Bulls" is one of my favorite books too -- CHOCK full of dirt, some of it true, some apocryphal, some flat out lies, but all of it entertaining. The Brits made a documentary based on the book, but it's a dud because of the low level of participation from the filmmakers (except Bogdonavich, who will do ANYTHING), who were apparently stung by the book's tell-all nature. There was an American doc. series called "A Decade Under the Influence" that is better, with heavy participation, but too fawning for its own good.