Tuesday, April 12, 2005

hot links

I can't believe I never thought of that heading before.

Continuing to drive me nuts is the cryptic and popular blog "sacramento is the new new york"
I don't believe this guy lives in sac, but he is so fucking vague. He never makes any reference that I can recognize as Sac related. Puzzling.

This just OK blog lindsayism.com now has a separate blog for people to tell stories about horrible exes. It's amusing. Here it is: http://cruddyaward.blogspot.com/
I thik they'll be adding new material periodically.


Anonymous said...

hey- i just did a google search for the lcd letterman show, and the only reference to it was here. ha! how random. it took me a bit of distracted reading to try to guess who you might be (god, i'm so out of the loop. living in rancho is like living in a hole in the ground). so, beckler, now i will read your blog. and now i will know "what's up", so i don't have to ask. i will need something to keep me informed of sacramento ins and outs because allan, lola and i are moving to portland! our official going away party is on saturday the 23rd. we will call everyone whose number we have to remind them to come, or remind them that we exist. just farther away. xoxo sara

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara! It's Michele. Have fun moving to Portland.

Anonymous said...

Who says I'm not right..behind...you...

And I am known to the Archbishop.


beckler said...

Ha! Then when he gets back from Japan I will unmask your secret identity!

Hi Sara-
I heard that you are now a homeowner because I saw Alan the other night. I heard about your party too, so I'll see you then!