Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Wow. Blogger is being kerazy to the max. Why do I always write stuff like that? It's not like you guys care. You don't know the struggles I go through to get stuff posted. The agony of the deleted post, the anguish of the double post. You don't really care about me. You just want to be entertained for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Sigh.

I scooped the Bee on this story long ago, but they gave same coverage to the new vegetarian Andy Nguyen's. Here it is. I happened to eat there again last night and I am really getting a handle on all the best dishes to order. As I said before, the crepe is the bomb and now I will add the lemon beef salad to that list. The assorted veggie sauce was oddly gelatinous. Kind of gross.

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leon said...

At lunch on a recent day, Perez said the flavors are still the same, but the food is healthier. Noting that several customers got up and left after discovering the all-vegetarian menu, Perez said, "They're missing out on some good food."

hahahha!!! now they know how it feels! meat eaters...that is.