Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Rat grabbin' 10: no rats ever again

Originally uploaded by becklerg.

Here is the rat after a successful grabbing. It will later be disposed of in a secret, Gentleman's-club-only sweat lodge ritual in the upstairs bathroom


Anonymous said...

fuck, I knew I was glad I moved out of there.

-gentleman no more

Christian said...

Rad! You guys are gladiators!

Anonymous said...

scrap that story on the loft and do a feature on this guy!!!(His club is still going strong)
He also runs a jammin drum clinic, where his students compete on the party beat.
Did I mention he's IIItalian (momma mia)and he's a champion mario kart racer on any system.

Just don't say he looks like the singer of Phish and everything will be cool.