Monday, August 01, 2005

Benji sold out!

I'm happy to report that Benji Cossa's new CD is already sold out at Tonevendor. They should be back in stock by thursday, however. And when I asked about the CD-Rs that Danny was supposed to drop off Dan had no idea what I was talking about. Thanks for making me look stupid, Danny.

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Anonymous said...

I totally fucking fooled you! There will be no Benji Cossa cd at Tonevendor! I don’t even know who Benji Cossa is. Although, I hear he dated somebody from Crash & Britany, so there’s some cred for you. Telling people that I’d be putting cd’s at Tonevendor was just part of my post-modern humor. I just learned that word a couple months ago, so I may not be using it right. But wait! Wouldn’t it be post-modern to NOT use the word properly? Anyway, for reals, I retired from the Chamber of Commerce just last Friday, so I’ll have time to finish those Benji cd’s by Wednesday (and.. ask Dan if it’s okay to leave ‘em at TV). Sorry to make you look like an ass, Beckler. But isn’t it a relief that someone else is taking the reigns for a minute? Shut up Brew, this is MY time! No show review for last night? It’s not a secret show anymore, you know, so the reviews don’t have to be a secret. My review- those dudes rock. All of them. They should all be real proud. Junobot is exempt from that compliment, of course. Vocoder? What the fuck?! Now, THAT’S retro in its purest form- using a shitty gimmick that went out of style, and then came back, and then went out of style again. I’m not sure what he was doing with those keyboards either. Song structure? Faah! My girlfriend’s 3-year-old has more musical direction than Junobot did when she plinks away at her Casio. Is it prejudiced to say that the crusties doing the robot wasn’t amusing? Because I really think that if DP or Joel had done it, I would have laughed. Some people can just get away with more, I suppose. For example, Jason Patrone was still able to wring a laugh out of saying, "Yeah, baby!" as recently as 2003! I swear! And you haven't live until you've heard Peter Keat (the *nice* old guy at Time Tested) say the old Budweiser tag, "Waaaazaaap!" This is too long, but I just had a small coffee and I’m fucking BLAZED! If anyone wants a shitty office job that pays $11 an hour, the Chamber of Commerce is hiring someone to fill my shoes (87 in men’s UK size). Get in contact with me and I’ll refer you. I can guarantee you that you will not get along with a single co-worker, but it’s super lax. When I worked there, I just ate leftovers from lobbyist luncheons and read supermarket novels all day. I’ll give my "Son of the Beach" review in a minute... Love, Danny