Tuesday, August 23, 2005

press release from Charles

Riff Randals
Rock the Light
9pm. 3 dollars. the press club. Wednesday. August 24th.
Yes, you heard it right. After 7 years, as one of Sacramento's few all
female punk rock bands, the Riff Randals are calling it quits. These
four women are my best friends and I would love everyone who to come
and help celebrate the end of an era. Drinks are on Joey D.
Also, playing with them is Sacramento's prodigal son's, Rock the
Light. Between the two bands, there will be a lot of sexual tension in
the air. More so than Moonlighting, The X-Files and Who's the Boss
Joey D starts spinning records at 8pm and well into the night after
the bands. The man can work a crowd, OK?


Anonymous said...

The thought of a public display of sexual tension between RTL and the RRs makes me want spend my three dollars at the Flame.

Anonymous said...