Wednesday, August 03, 2005


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My God, why hast though forsaken me?
The Bible

So for the last couple of days, my blog has been like that. Only it's you, the readers and commenters that have forsaken me. I don't mean to be dramatic, but I feel your absence just as sharply as Jesus felt all that flaying with the whips soaked in vinegar and the crown of thorns and all that other sexy S & M stuff that you religious types are into. Worm, I hope I didn't offend you the other day when I asked if you read the blog. I was joking. Can we track the shipment of the Kona Pepsi? We should live blog the drinking of the Pepsi when it comes! I noticed some of my regular commenters have dropped out lately and I don't know what to write about to bring them back. G-bomb we hardly ever hear from you anymore. What gives?

Last night I watched La Dolce Vita and it was so good! It's the Godfather of Italian movies about existential angst. I know that some of you are sitting out there smirking and thinking "duh, of course that movie's the best, I knew that like forever ago"and to you I say don't rain on my parade, jerk. Marcello Mastroianni is so handsome and such a charming cad. Instead of feeling that the movie was too long, I wish it was longer. I wish there was a movie just followed this character around for a week. Or forever. I'll just quit living my life and sit around watching his life in real time. I watched Roma last week and it was crazy good, too. The last scene where the motorcycles are noisily buzzing by all the beautiful buildings in Rome at night made me feel like I was back there drunkenly staggering around lost with Nicola and Grace (and peeing in the bushes). Trying to find this picture of Marcello led me to find out that he escaped from either a Nazi camp or prison when he was young (could he be Jewish?), and that he had a child with his mistress, Catherine Deneuve, and that both his wife and she were at his side when he died in '96. Can anyone direct me to his best movie with Sophia Loren? It's funny because you can tell that Fellini was most attracted to women that look like giant, ravenous wolves (yes I did just write that and if you have seen the whores in Roma you would know that these women looked just as likely to eat you alive as to fuck you-to clarify I mean the movie Roma, not the city, I don't think I saw any hookers there), but his wife Giulietta was the epitome of little and cute. From his autobio. you can see that it was a very difficult marriage but they loved each other so maybe it brought them some happiness. I'll try to find a picture of a lady from one of his films that illustrates what I'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

I agree that La Dolce Vita is amazing. I was lucky enough to see it on the big screen at the Castro. I love how it opens with him checking out the ladies in a helicopter. The audience actually applauded during the scene where he picks up his girlfriend after leaving her in the middle of nowhere after their big fight. And of course Marcello is just SO FUCKING FINE!!!! Unbelievably so. Its definitely in my top ten. What's your top ten movie list, Beckler?


Alice said...

g-bomb is busy amusing us with fake lady-product websites over on the chicklist. have you checked out that flash faux-tampon thing where the string turns into a kite?

beckler said...

I get stressed out at the idea of having to make a ranked list, but the Godfather, Chinatown, The Marriage of Maria Braun, and Badlands, and some Fellini movie (I don't want to pick and maybe I haven't even seen my favorite yet) would probably round out the top five.

That reminds me, Mike Dub is back in town and I know that he and DB re-rank their top movies whenever he visits. I'd love to publish their lists if they're interested.

Anonymous said...

I will comment for the sake of your ego and the love of comments (I had a blog once I remember).

I've never seen the movie.
I've never been to rome.
I have pissed in a bush however.
It was pretty unexciting maybe I was doing it wrong.
Perhaps in a far off land with wolf like hookers its better.
Sorry my hillbilly ways leave me ill prepared for these conversations.


Anonymous said...

Obviously pandering for comments!

They have decided that the internet cuts into "productivity" at my job. I don't know where they got that idea. It can't be my productivity that they are concerned with. I'm a Gemini! I am currently:
1. Reprojecting a fuel model into NAD 83*.
2.Building polygon topology in the Santa Clara vegetation dataset.
3.Writing witty comments on your blog
4.Listening to frankblackfrancis
5.Eating the pretzels that The Skipper gave me for my birthday. Sure, they are a little stale. Thanks for asking.

See, I am producing up the yahoo.

I know nobody cares about what I do at my job, but sometimes I really need to talk about polygon topology with someone.


*NAD is North American Datum not some dirty thing, gutter-mind!

Alice said...

Nights of Cabiria ("le notti di cabiria"?) is a really good Fellini flic if you haven't seen it yet. giulietta massina gives a dynamic performance in this film and it's got some tear-jerking moments. it will also make you laugh your ass off, however. i swear i've seen "la dolce vita" but for some reason i'm blanking on it all right now. if you ever want to see Nights sometime, i'm there. i got to see it in the UC theater (RIP) on university avenue and it was really moving.

DB said...

I am interested, although my list will probably be a Xerox of last January's. Dub just quit smoking, though, so he might have a different perspective on things.

Erik said...

Hey g-bomb: GIS rules, dude. Are you running ArcGIS 9.3 yet? I'm still stuck in the dark ages with ArcView 3.2a. Just yesterday I tried to overlay points onto a DRG raster grid and just about blew up my CPU. Piece of shit.

beckler said...

Do you think he will have to eliminate all movies that have lots of smoking? So all noir will be gone, obviously and La Dolce Vita will sure as fuck not be on the list.

Or will he watch movies with lots of smoking to ease his craving? If so, he should just rent every Winona Ryder movie ever because that bitch is always smoking up a storm.

Anonymous said...

I heard ArcGIS 9.3 doesnt let you edit coverages. ArcGIS 8.3 does. It doesnt matter to me since i usually just stick to the command line based ARC/INFO Workstation. I'm getting my Arc and MapInfo upgraded in the next week or two on my new computer that has 500 gigs of space.
I hate all that NAD27 NAD83 Clarke1866 spheriod crap. Give me a nice California Lambert conformal (with crossings at 33, 45 and -119, of course) anyday. That or purely geographic even though it makes the state look lame.
PS. Are totally lame comments better than none at all?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you can't edit coverages. You can only edit geodatabases and stupid stupid shapefiles. It's like a step back in time. Don't even get me started on grids.

We do command line ARC/INFO on the Unix side but ESRI no longer supports it. Like lameasses.

Erik, howazbout getting me a better job?

Ninja, I thought you were some sort of geologist?

Anonymous said...

Top ten best Black Flag full length releases

1. The First Four Years (compilation)
2. Everything went Black (compilation)
3. Damaged
4. 1982 demo's (bootleg)
5. My War
6. Slip it In
7. Live 84 (live)
8. Who's got the 10 1/2 (live)
9. Loose Nut
10. [tie] Family Man / In my Head


ps. lame comments like this not any better than no comments at all.

Anonymous said...

Quit the GIS banter already! Not everyone is interested in how statistical information is spatially configured (am I getting the concept right?). I'm way more interested in what Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneauve's love child (if they had one) looked like.....and how old that child would be today. It would be a beautiful morph, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Catherine Deneuve.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, heckamax blogging. i'm typing and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. which brings me to my point: next week i'll be free from summer school. i plan to wake up and drink coffee and whisky and listen to led zep/ and or the eagles and stick it to cody all day long. who's in?

-heckamax (stickin it to cody)

beckler said...

Does Cody's girlfriend know about your plan of stickin' it to Cody?

Also, I don't have yr email, but we might watch Caddyshack tomorrow. Are you in? If so, tell your house about it.

Anonymous said...

you should stick me with something bigger, cause i'm hardly even feelin' it. try ccr and chocolate milk on the lawn under a tree.


Uneasy Rhetoric said...

Kona Pepsi?

Anonymous said...

A little comment beggin' & this place lights up! I'm pretty sure comment beggin' is the new rat grabbin'. Speaking, pardon me, speakin' of things that end in n', I'm home-postin'. I spent my whole damn day off waitin' for this guy who was supposed to show up & fix our sprinklin' system & has now just shown up at 6:30 sayin' "sorry i'm a little late bro". I think our stone cold totally fuckin' certifiably batshit completely normal landlady calls the cutest names in the phone book instead of any reputable company. Like, if you started a company called "My Li'l 'Lectrical Company", you'd be in my room fixin' my light in no time. Or maybe "I Be Repairin' Toilets N Things" could take care of that ghost leak in the bathroom. But not Roto Rooter. PLEASE, don't call them!! I hear they give you some actual time & day that they're gonna show up & all that other un-punk bullshit. Christ, I ain't gonna lie to you, all this waitin' mixed with me feelin' like I had to stay close to home drove me straight to the Streets around noon. Cider's not like brew though, right? It's like lemonade. And you know lemonade's practically the official drink of the summer! Now I'm drinkin' stout on ice. That's some Sac summer livin' right there. It's damn good too. This is what happens when suddenly, after years of fantasizin' about it, you get a fridge with an ice maker on it. Ice is the fifth food group around here these days. Fancy Feast over ice anybody? Steve? That's what I though, B! Mad for it.



Anonymous said...

Hey Cooter,

I'm listening to Hendrix and grading final papers. ALSO I'm slacking off and blogging instead of doing my work. Feel it yet, Cody?

Stickin' it to you-know-who,


beckler said...

don't you read anyone else's comment? are you IN or OUT for Caddyshack tonight! Answer me!

Anonymous said...


Take THAT cody!


Anonymous said...

8 1/2 is like music. I never get tired of watching it.