Thursday, August 11, 2005

no whining

There's another episode of your favorite long-running soap opera "promoters versus complainers" over at undietacos. Come to think of it, an episode was featured on this channel just yesterday, too. Does anybody know what band "Martin" is in? I guess I could just call him and find out. This quote makes me think that he may have bigger issues than just people complaining that shows go too late:

"I used to have fun at shows and meet new people and everythig was a blast, but then about a year ago I realized most "friends" are 100% in it forthemselves and that's it. "

That's sad. Personally, I'm only 99% in it for myself, but I devote that other 1% fully to the scene.


Anonymous said...

That's Martin from the Sores, and if you know Martin that's a very Martin thing to say, as Martin is usually, how do we say, a little "carpy". That is to say, carping. Usually. I'd rate him at least a "half-Soriano" in the contantly-pointing-out-how-bad-it's-gotten-in-the-scene-this-year year after year after year department. That said, I like Martin. That said, I wish people I like would quit bothering to complain about unavoidable minor annoyances in public forums, it makes them look whiney. That said, I realize I am complaining in a public forum about the unavoidable minor annoyance of people in public forums complaining about unavoidable minor annoyances. I am going insane.

DB said...

I just want to point out that I have been 110% in it for myself all along.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Could you please elaborate as to what "issues" Martin has? Is pining for a bit of unselfishness an issue?

Are you so convinced that everyone's concern is purely their own enjoyment? What a terrible world.

Anonymous said...

Well, when someone goes off that much from a simple question of "why do the Fools shows go so late?" - which is a valid question - it's not that crazy to think that maybe he's projecting some of his own frustration & bitterness on to it. I mean, yeah, the Fools shows do go late & the reason is because they have to wait for the Spaghetti Factory to clear out to avoid potential complaints/cop action. That would've been a sufficient answer, yeah? Not some shit about how great everything was 5 years ago when we were all some big happy family or some other such figment of our imaginations. There will always be good & bad shows, good & bad venues, late shows & early shows, rad & shitty people - and overall, I'd say, if you don't spend too much time knee-jerking it on message boards & instead just look around at shows these days, I'd say people are as supportive now as ever - if not more so. And there's way more shows than there were 5 years ago. And that's all they are - shows. Not some big public display of our values or a jumping-off point for some statement about the death of the scene. Go to shows, donate some cash, buy a record, say hi to each other. And for the record, I know & like Martin & feel that there's kernels of truth in what he wrote - but like Soriano before him, you can't take everything he says at face value - at least when he's fired up. Some people just have a desire to get annoyed.