Tuesday, August 30, 2005

great american pony ride

Tonight is the Sunburned Hand of the Man (dumb name-they should change it to the Great American Pony Ride) show at Fool's Foundation. Starts at 10-ish. I bet it will be packed. Pitchfork has drooled over them on past albums, but seems to be so-so on them lately. Here's a little Vice feature that makes them sound interesting. It's kinda NSFW just because of the filthy Diesel and American Apparel ads on the page, but you can look at it real quick while the boss is in the can.

This NY Times has this article on a statutory rape cum marriage that made me queasy. Possibly the worst part in an article of worst parts is that the poor 15 year old girl that got knocked up either had the idea or allowed her rapist to name their daughter Samarra after the little girl in "The Ring". You know, the little girl that was completely evil and horribly creepy and crawled around like a twisted animal in a way that caused me to sleep in the living room for a day or two because I was so scared? That little girl.

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