Thursday, August 04, 2005

new club night report?

hey charles, how was joey d's thing?


Anonymous said...

All I know is I was sitting in my room last night "working" & Charles was blowing up my celly being all "come on down to the Press Club!!". Charles is text-mad!


Anonymous said...

...and thus you have just given rise to my new concept...text mad libs! I'll keep all of you updated.

It was a fun night last night. More people were there than i thought. Joey was freaking out becuase his door dude was late (loren mc beard) and the press club wasn't being very help full. me and Foster were all "Dude this ain't some wedding gig joey, it's rock and roll"

he calmed down and had a shot of wiskey. The streaks played and i got to play drums on a song. it was me and matts idea. Ferrel and Stan were indifferent to the idea. Foster seemed pissed! sweet! we got that fucker good.

Then i finally got to see the band "Hot Pistol" play. I forgot to tell them about hotel pistol, but I shall meet them again. They were like younger guys doing what rock the light does, but with less shreding and they had an entire front row of hotties. My only complaint at RTL shows is that dudes will stand in the front. Look jerks we don't shred like a bunch of assholes so can give us the thumbs up like you know how to shred too, OK? we shred for the ladies the ladies. Everyone of you. Alice, Lory, Tess, Heather C, Brew. G-bomb, the Head, Candice, Heckabeckers, Grace Wu, Jenny Grahm, maya, etc. If i forgot anyone, there was a reason for it.

wait, what was i talking about? oh yeah, Hot pistol. they covered two songs off of Eletric warrior and born to be wild. that was the best. i gave them rock the light cd's and they said they had heard of us. most likely on the groupie circuit.

To make a short story even longer, I got drunk and made plans to go rafting next monday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Charles for Clearing that up.

Fellas, please. Its the Summer We all Got Laid, not the Summer we all sat around and traded Metallica riffs from Guitar Player Magazine. Yeah, I know you noticed Dillon bass tapping, and Paul's sweet hammer-on's and Charles'tight fills, but seriously, I'm the lead singer. I ain't got nothin' to do but eyeball the ladies. And your blocking my view.


Alice said...

does it say something about me that i am the first on charles' list of groupies (er, ladies) that attend RTL shows?

Anonymous said...

"Your" is not the proper contraction for "you are".

-Mr. Maxwell

Anonymous said...

Dear RTL,

You don't know how atwitter this makes me.


Confidential to all English teachers reading this: I looked up atwitter, it's totally a word.