Wednesday, August 31, 2005


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Pitchfork has a thing today about Kate Bush coming out with a new album which just prompted me to want to post a cute picture of her and made me remember that I need to check out more of her albums and that I wish I was home listening to one right now and thinking how simultaneously great/annoying some of her songs are. Like I can hear that she's so shrill I should be annoyed but instead I love it.


DB said...

I'm going to have to soundproof my room if you go on another Kate Bush kick. It causes much pain.

beckler said...

Sorry. I didn't know. I think I feel another one coming on so you may want to take shelter elsewhere. I'll be in Portugal for two weeks soon so you'll have some peace and quiet.

Uneasy Rhetoric said...

And the understatement of the year award goes to the following quote from a Reuters UK story about the album:

"her [Kate Bush's] influence was clearly heard in the music of Tori Amos..."

Ya think?

DB said...

What part of Portugal? My family is from the Azores, but that is waaay off the coast so probably not there.

Anonymous said...

Was the flood in New Orleans predicted 15 years ago? I think so...

Way down in New Orleans, yeah.
I met this old lady,
she said she'd teach me 'bout Voodoo
she said she knew about Voodoo (Voodoo)
she said she'd teach me 'bout Voodoo
she said she knew about Voodoo (Voodoo)
She had an old doll,
she had a long shiny needle (Voodoo)
she held the doll in the air
it looked kinda like me
she took the needle,
stuck it in its eye!
My eye, bitch!
Now I'm still in the room with this crazy bitch,
and she still had the doll.
She said I'll teach you 'bout Voodoo, (Voodoo)
you wanna learn about Voodoo (Voodoo)
She said I'll teach you 'bout Voodoo. (Voodoo)
she said she knew about Voodoo
She held the doll in her hand (Voodoo)
she had some long shiny scissors,
she said some magic words (Voodoo)
the doll looked more and more like me
she held the doll in the air (Voodoo)
she took the scissors,
cut off all its fingers!
My fingers, bitch!
Voodoo, Voodoo
Voodoo, Voodoo
So if you're ever down in New Orleans, yeah.
You might meet an old lady
she might have a doll
it might look like you.
Don't ask about the Voodoo (Voodoo, you're going to flood)
stay away from Voodoo (Voodoo, in 15 years)
leave alone the Voodoo, (Voodoo, bitch)
muthafuck the Voodoo.

beckler said...

What part of Portugal? Short answer: all of it. Slightly longer answer: I have no fucking idea because we're just going to go wherever we feel like going. Not the Azores, though, unfortunately.

DeeAnn said...

Completely off topic- but this guy in Sac is trying to find a "single, smart, cute" New Orleans flood refugee female companion:

the head said...

Kate Bush, Peaches (the singer, not the fruit), most olives,

Things Natalie does not get.

But, big Boi from Outkast does love the Bush.

Anonymous said...

Black olives or green?

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