Monday, August 15, 2005

you asked, i answer

There's still some debate going on in that post from a few days back about everyone bitching about late weeknight shows on the undietacos message board. Anonymous bravely stepped forward and asked me a question, so I thought I'd answer.

Anonymous said...
I don't get it. Could you please elaborate as to what "issues" Martin has? Is pining for a bit of unselfishness an issue? Are you so convinced that everyone's concern is purely their own enjoyment? What a terrible world.

Ok. I will print his quote again:

"I used to have fun at shows and meet new people and everythig was a blast, but then about a year ago I realized most "friends" are 100% in it forthemselves and that's it. "

His "issues" as revealed to me through this quote (and only through this quote, I have no idea who he is) are that he seems to feel that most people he thought were his friends are not really his friends and are just "in it for themselves". This, as he has written it, seems to have nothing to do with whether there are too many bands on the bill or if a show is running too late. Is that clear now? No big deal, but you asked. As for the last two sentences, I don't understand what you're talking about. No, I am not convinced that everyone's concern is purely their own enjoyment. Wherever did you get that idea?

Miller also elaborated on the debate in the comments, if you're interested. Also read the comments if you would like to pick up a sweet discount ceiling fan.


Anonymous said...

Undie what?
Indie where?
Martin who?
I cannot muster up one iota of caring about what ever this conversation is about.

Becky break free of the davis wednesday night show and its resulting tyranny.
The show blew, people are selfish, and life goes on.
However, a discounted ceiling fan is forever.


Anonymous said...

Maine was tight, actually. I don't how much this endorsement means to you guys, since you are really fuckin far from Maine right now, but it is awesome! Most of the Northeast doesn't even begin to rival the west coast in natural beauty, but Maine is the exception to that. We took a hike that reminded me of hiking in Desolation Wilderness except instead of manzanita there are wild blueberries. But there's tons of beautiful granite and austere pine trees, and the full range from scrubby chapparal to lush ferny valleys. The Sierras dwarf their mountains as the redwoods do their balsams, but it's still majestic and beautiful. That's the inland mountainous area, but the coastal area is off the hook too. We were actually on Mt. Desert Island, and the nearby sounds, gulfs and bays are dotted by hundreds of little craggy and piney islands that remind of western Washington state and the San Juan Islands. It looks very similar and has the same super cool vibe.

Then there was the seafood.

First of all, we ate so many shrimp we got iodine poisoning. That was the best. Second, I finally had a truly delicious lobster. Since I've been on the east coast we've only had lobsters at fairly mediocre seafood restaurants, in the off season at that. And I haven't been that stoked on them. Also, the Long Island and Rhode Isalnd Sound haven't been flush with the lobsters in recent years, whereas the Gulf of Maine has been (for more on that, see the recent article about lobsters in the NYT). We went to a lobster pound on the edge of the world on a foggy pier and picked out some 1 and 1/4 pounders and they boiled them in a netted bag with an ear of corn and some mussels and brought them to our table right away, so the meat was piping hot. I'll say right now that the claw meat is the best. It's so good. Although Ben said that the 1st nuckle had the best meat, and outlined an "if I was rich plan" that involved a team of nuckle crackers and meat extractors who would continuously plop 1st nuckle meat into his mouth. We washed the seafood and corn down with a Bar Harbor Real Ale, which was very real tasting and quite delish.

Another night we had steamers and some atlantic salmon. The steamers were really good, but the salmon was just okay. The steamer broth was delicious, and some of us took several sips from the broth bowl.

Late one night we went swimming in a pond behind our friends' house and the water was so crystal clear and the pond floor was covered in delightful pebbles and it was the beginning of a meteor shower, so we saw a bunch of shooting stars, and this sweet Maine moment was marred only by the douchebag that drove around the pond in his SUV to remind us that noise travels across the water (really?) and that while he was "happy" to have us keep swimming in the pond, he'd like us to keep quiet. I didn't really understand why the occasional burst of laughter and a "I just saw a shooting star!' here or there was such a dreadful noise to hear across the water, but I'm not an uptight New Yorker vacationing in Maine with a trophy wife who has trouble sleeping so far away from her pharmacist.

Anyway, in general, it was a beautiful weekend, and it made appreciate the upper Atlantic a lot more. It also made me nostalgic for the Northwest, I miss Bellingham and Lummi Island.


Anonymous said...

There's a place somewhere in Connecticut, perhaps not far from Newhaven, where I gave up being vegetarian in favor of lobster. I want to say that it was called The Stump. It was an outdoor grill and you sat on a bunch of stumps and ate delicious lobster. If you find it, remember it's byob.

Anonymous said...

My parents just took a four day sailing trip around the San Juans, I was really jealous.
your trip sounds lovely.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: thanks for the tip. I'll look for the Stump.

Natalie: I'm concocting an "if i were rich plan" where WE take a sailing trip around the San Juans, stopping off at each island, and when we run out of islands we'll start stopping off at Biz, Beckler and Connie Champagne's party barges. Sound good?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am glad that I found your blog! Great stuff.

If you are interested in seeing something more disturbing than Brian Peppers, click the below link:


Anonymous said...

Wow that is the dirtiest discount ceiling fan i have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read this post.


Anonymous said...

Michelle, its the best idea I have ever heard.

We will certainly class up those rowdy barges.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

It's nice to know that every once in a while, I can still be shocked.

But if she would just lose 2 more pounds, she'd probably be happy. Nice clown though.

Unknown said...

dood, she's dancin!

what makes you think she's not happy?

Anonymous said...

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