Tuesday, August 09, 2005

what's not to like?

Does anyone at the Crest or Tower know if the movie 9 songs is supposed to be coming here ever? It's this hardcore porno from the guy the directed 24 hour party people in which the (real) sex is interspersed with scenes of the characters going to clubs to see bands. The bands are the Super Furries, Dandy Warhols (barf), Franz Ferdinand and Primal Scream, and maybe more.


Anonymous said...

I think that after watching Dig! last night the Dandy Warhols is one of my favorite bands. Vince thinks so too.


Anonymous said...

SFA and porno together in one film? Finally someone has started marketing to my demographic. I doubt tower will get this. It seems much too un-middle-of-the-road for the LPBs.

Anonymous said...

Heckamax and Vince: Is it the tits, the great songs, or the cool image that makes you love the Dandy's so?


beckler said...

Or the keen intelligence of the photogenic frontman?