Thursday, August 04, 2005


The projectionist for the Crest is profiled in the SN&R this week. I like his last answer a lot. Why didn't they interview the projectionist at the Tower? Oh yeah, because Tower doesn't have union projectionists anymore. So that means that all the guys at Tower are just a buncha scabs.


DB said...

Scabs are workers who cross a picket line, thereby undermining the union. Since the last picket line I saw at the Tower involved "Bad Boy Bubby" and the projectionists union has been toothless since automation was introduced over three decades ago, I would say the folks working at the Tower are just your usual underpaid non-union service workers. The Crest also uses old carbon-arc lamps which are more likely to cause fires if not attended by experts.

Anonymous said...

yeah, we found out they're all non union lately.

Anonymous said...

Being a scab used to mean a fight, but luckily American workers are lazy and compliant. That's going to change though in a few years. Wingnut and Steve's kid will end up being a union buster.

Some girl answered my bread ad on craigslist for the BLT but I think she knows who I am because she won't answer my response.

Anonymous said...

I'm no scab. I'm a FilmLover.

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Anonymous said...

> Wingnut and Steve's kid will end up being a union buster.

Yea, who needs them pinko commie unions, anyway. The goddam Teamsters (IBTCW & H, Local 601) sent me a letter saying I had to pay them dues or be fired. The letter came weeks after I quit. Them Pinko Commie Dupes aint gonna extort my hard earned bucks outta me, no way.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

forget dirty scabs.

Joel's semi-famous and has already had interviews in the SN&R.

Anonymous said...

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