Monday, August 22, 2005

i hate mondays

Party Reviews:

Friday night: Skipper's going away party-I don't know the Skipper and did not meet him on this night. This is what I know about him: He likes to wear fezes and skipper hats. There is a rumor that he is leaving because he got a Fullbright Scholarship, so he is most likely some kind of genius. Also, he likes to spray his friends with fire extinguishers. An interesting fellow.

This party was mostly notable for the dog petting to be had. This slim and attractive whippet was playing hard to get with me all night. I kept stroking its large haunches and pointing them out to anyone that looked my way (it's fun to say "haunches"-try it). Once again, I proved my talent for scintillating party convo (along the lines of my slurred opener "I want to go home"). I also petted a wiggly weiner dog that had really bad breath (sorry Matilda, it's true).

Caddyshack party-of course this party was super fun. You expected anything else? The Four Eyes were amazing. Oops. I mean The Fore Eyes were amazing. Their new lineup consisted of Rodney Dangerfield on guitar, Bill Murray on bass, and Mr. Wang on drums. They played all the classics: Any Way you want it, Highway to the Danger Zone, I'm All Right, and their Dirty Dancing Medley.

Soo....The Riff Randals have officially broken up. How long have they been together? It seems like forever. Their last show is this wednesday with Rock The Light. There is a somewhat intriguing show in Davis tonight, mostly intriguing to me because I like the band name Hot Girls Cool Guys enough to want to see the band, but nothing short of a nuclear holocaust could get me to stay in Davis or return to Davis later tonight so you kids have fun if you're going.

Speaking of band names, I am offering up the name The Great American Pony Ride for anyone who would like to use it for their band. That's the name of the pony ride at the fair and it keeps making me laugh when I think of it. The cassingle band name "The Roly Poly Unholy Ponies" always makes me laugh, too, especially when I recall the song Benji wrote for it that I don't think ever got recorded.


the head said...

I enjoy patriotism and ponies in the same place.

Anonymous said...

The Riff Randals have been a band since 1998. they all started at the same time and had never picked up and instrament. I was at there first practice and tried to teach them louie louie. I was never invited back.


Anonymous said...

Dear Charles Information Center,

Did Charles have his yard sale this last weekend or is it the saturday coming up?


Anonymous said...

Aww, that is too bad you can't cross the causeway tonight. You would love Barr. He is like Mark E. Smith sorta rapping (but minus the misogyny of MES and rap), and he is cut from the same creative cloth as those Not Not Fun bands.

Well, come for Saturday night Not Not Fun time with Silver Daggers. I guarantee you will like or I will buy you and all your friends two churros each.

Anonymous said...

At least, I should back up that guarantee by putting my name on it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I've just read about the real reason you can't make it to Davis. Yikes!

Wow...I hope you're feeling 100% real soon!


beckler said...

1)Not just crossing the causeway, it's the recrossing the causeway that's the problem. I already blog from the wrong side of the causeway.

2)I don't like the Fall.

3)I can't go saturday but if I could you would be on for that churro bet.

4)Thanks for putting on shows. Your shows are fun (see, promoters, do occasionally get props from do-nothing whiners like me)