Monday, August 15, 2005

stuff and bother

Boss the big biz- still waiting to hear on the date of Jay Baker conducts the Joel Goulet Orchestra so I can tell my secretary to clear my calendar.

For those of you who couldn't wade through the spam, here's what Charles said about the White Stripes show:

I hadn't seen her boobs up close in like five years, but they had to be like double d's. they are big. recap back stage: woodhouse's name got droppedn NOT by me (by some detroit dude who liked K-party and knew soriano thru the e-mail), we got drunk for free and ended up at Alec Ploao's house. he had Zombies MASTER TAPES at his house. We just kept making fun of joey d all night. goodtimes. Meg Boobs where aces'.charles
3:45 AM
Jack = AA maybe?he remembered joey d. Joey was stoked.Charles
3:46 AM
Anonymous said...
No way! Jack is at least a B cup.And to whoever posted that response to "jack" and "wendy", funny.-Constance

Michele-If you feel like it, you should post about your weekend in Maine. Or you could just email me privately, but I prefer to conduct all my business in a public forum.

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Anonymous said...

That show is on the 27th, which gives us what, one practice to whip the band into shape? No problem. We are after all total pros.