Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the stick?

Anybody have a Lipstick report? Last night was Jenny AND Tess' last nights in town. Lame. I don't like when people leave. Let me guess, Lipstick was the EXACT SAME AS IT'S BEEN FOR FIVE FUCKING YEARS!

Oh yeah, Lyme Regis is playing at Joey D's night at the Press Club tonight. I would go, but I have to hang with the 'rents tonight (I used this slang on D.P. and he had no idea what I was talking about. I'm so down with the kids, it's ridic). That reminds me of when my little sister cracked me up by shortening "convenient" to "convene".


Josh said...

Where are Jenny and Tess going?

beckler said...

To the east bay. Not far, but still.

Anonymous said...

Mfawndwae*, we hardly knew ye. Good luck in the wilds of the East Bay.

*That's not even remotely close to how you spell that crazy-assed middle name. or perhaps it's exactly right.

beckler said...

the lipstick report from brew was that it was too crowded to get in. unbelievable. after five years, tuesday night is STILL the only night anyone in sac will go out to dance.

Anonymous said...

It's Myfanawy. Crikey, was I way off.

Anonymous said...

Check it out:

At the Smedburg Middle School/Sheldon High School parking lot there is a little Austin Powers Brit type Volkswagon car with a license plate that spells out (get this) "MYFNWAY".

Connection? Do tell.


Anonymous said...

That's SmedBERG.Sorry; I'm the one with the bad spelling here. I shouldn't start.
Is the car a Mini Cooper or a VW? If it's Austin Powersesqe then it's the former and likely some secret car of Tess's, and if it's the latter then I'd say in belongs to that one guy who teaches over there who can't stop wearing jeans simulataneously with the lilac-hued short-sleeved shirt and the knit tie.