Thursday, August 18, 2005

west nile, day three

I am back at 75% strength (which is still pretty fucking strong). I was going to stay home sick again today, but I came in because I had a blog request. Margs wants me to post about her party, which I will do in a bit. She was begging and even shed a few tears, so I couldn't say no. I dragged my sick, germ ridden self to work just for her. And also because I left my cell phone charger at work and my phone was about to go dead. And also because I felt that I couldn't justify going to the fair tonight if I didn't go to work. That seemed like bad karma if I believed in hippy shit like that. Thanks for the raps in the comments to keep everyone going while I was out.

I have narrowed down the source of the West Nile. I got it from the worst people in the world. These people were in front of and behind me at the showing of Four Brothers that I went to. Not only did they text message, answer their phones, bring an 8 year old child who was completely bored with this adult movie and talked about unrelated things the whole time, and use the speaker phone option on their phones, but one of them, probably the little hellspawn, gave me, D.P., and Grace the West Nile.


Anonymous said...

Is this West Nile you speak of the bringer of sinus pain and coughing fits?
Or is that just part two of the ills I contracted from the Oakland punks.
I also played the no work no fair card with myself today, although i am fearing what if work makes me feel worse then its all work and no fair.
I got a bottle of Robo PE staring me down right now, hopefully it will get me a bit high.

Anonymous said...

That last one was me.

beckler said...

Yes, there is sinus pain as a bonus. You described my dilemma exactly, I feel I will be wiped out by work and then not feel like going to the fair, but it just didn't seem right to stay home to save my strength for the fair.

Anonymous said...

our honest ways will get us in the end.
As of right now I feel very un-fair like, we shall see this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

You ladies probably know this already, but today is Carrot Top day at the fair.

I highly recommend partying with that man.

g bomb

Anonymous said...

Now that I'm in college I think I finally get Carrot Top.