Thursday, April 28, 2005

Been caught shreddin'

I'm back, and my glands are swelling with happiness. Heckasac, by way of a quote attributed to the mysterious "Ghengis Conway" has made it into the pages of the local alternative rag, the News and Review. The headline is something about Alec being the new Farrell. Not Perry Farell, unfortunately. C.K. + the Knightmares=true love


Anonymous said...

Let the strokin' begin!
Or let us further the strokin'!
Or while Alec shreds, mere mortals stroke.
I don't even know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

let me possibly be the first to point out that the harmonies involve Candice's vocals, as well. sometimes she gets blown out by the sheer rock power & is inaudible, maybe because with the Knightmares she uses her indoor voice (as opposed to her Danzig voice used in Sunshine Smile, for example), but when you can hear her, it's good.
otherwise, nice article.
and, yeah, there do seem to be people at Knightmares shows just to watch Alec. After the Ironsides one I overhead someone leaving saying, "see, I told you he was great." Of course, he could have been talking about anyone.

Anonymous said...

If that person leaving was anything like me that night, they were talking about Charles.

Talking about Charles!

Talking about Charles!


Anonymous said...

I like the phrase "goulet is no slouch" used in the article, when we all know Goulet is a total slouch.

Anonymous said...

Although I think Joel prefers the Portland pronunciation of slouch, pronounced slooch. Joel "Slooch" Goulet.

Candace's Knightmares harmonies and singing are sweet! sweet! sweet!

I saw the hasidic rapper on Good Morning America today. It sounded kind of reggae-ish.

Genghis Conway

Anonymous said...

There was entirely not enough mention of me in that article.


beckler said...

If you want, I could devote a weekly post to gossip about you, your bands, and your love life. What would it be called? Why "talk about Charles" of course.

Anonymous said...

Dillon has suggested a 'zine made entirely of quotes about people talking about Charles. It was to be called "Talk About Charles". But a blog will do.

And, yes, I've been the first to spraypaint "Roberts is God". I hit the Loft yesterday. look for it next to the infamous Soul Taco logo.

Umh, CK, why were you short on the talk about Charles? It seems that a weekly News and Review Talk About Charles column needs to happen.

Whats that? You want me to write it? Sure!



Charles Albright was seen Thursday afternoon slouching on the job at statenet, wearing a black flag t-shirt and talking about shredding. (Just a warm-up)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's fair that we have to talk about Charles but Charles gets to talk about shredding. "Talk about shredding!" isn't even a good chant.

Or is it.....


beckler said...

Maybe you can spraypaint "Roberts is God" on that dumpster near the Java Lounge that has my all-time favorite graffiti "get up off my nuts". Or near that one park by Una Mas (formerly pescados) that says "Please stop stealing our pets". By the way, they fixed that McDonalds billboard by Safeway that was graffitied to say "time to feed my fat ass". Now it says "time to talk about Charles"

Anonymous said...

I tried to get a good rousing discussion of Charles going a coupla times a month on the chicklist, but since it just leads to more ladies getting romantically attached and more heartache, I had to discontinue the practice.


Anonymous said...

The graffiti in the alley behind my work says:



alice said...

A long time ago, Liv suggested we post a photo of Albright in a file titled something like "for a good time, call. . ." we were gonna try to get a list of dudes that could wine and dine any girl on the chicklist that gave 'em a call. we never started that list. sorry charles. it's just too dangerous. . .creamy skin. . .irish/italian, irish/italian. i think that would make a good chant.

Christian said...

Yeah Alec probably thinks I'm just trying to lick his balls. Honestly I wish I could have shredded him in the paper just to be mean. (Naw--I'm just kidding.) But he's just great great great. Yeah the whole band is great, but Alec is the star (at least that's my take on it). Plus everyone already knows that Charles is great. Oh--couldn't hear Candice's vocals AT ALL; in fact I wondered at one point why she even had a mic. Bummed about that now.

By the way, I'm working on changing the name of the paper to the Sacramento News About Charles so we'll see if the big boss says O.K. to that. I like it because the acronym is SNAC! Makes me hungry.


Anonymous said...

I heart the "infamous Soul Taco logo". Especially the 'stache.


armeniac said...

CK, I'm glad you're makin' out with Alecs Balls!(crest sucks it), However I'm dissapointed in your missuse of "shredding" in your last post