Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This shit is bananas!

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Today is Mike Banana's eleventieth birthday. Of course Mike probably won't know I posted this because he is scared of computers. It's because of this one time when he broke the internet. Look, I'm making fun of him on his birthday! I'm a spicy jerk. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!!!!!

As I mentioned many times, tonight is the Fiery Furnaces show. I have talked a few of my doubtful friends into going and they may feel that they have wasted their $12.50 tomorrow. Just be prepared for medleys and humorlessness. D.P. has threatened to chant things at them, and I don't think they're gonna think that's funny. But I love them, nonetheless.

I feel a (cough) sickness (cough) coming on. I think one of my glands may be swollen. I'll give a shiny nickel to the reader who can guess which gland (hint-it's not my pineal gland). So if I don't post tomorrow, try to be brave. I'll be back thursday to review the show and other stupid crap.


Anonymous said...

Mike's real birthday is tomorrow, but since you MIGHT not feel good enough to come to work tomorrow it works out perfect!

Mrs. Banana

Anonymous said...

Well, he did break the internet that one time.....so maybe it's for the best.


beckler said...

Damn! I'm firing that factchecker right now.

P.S.-If I'm not in tomorrow everyone remember to watch LCD on Letterman (Amy Sedaris is on too)

P.P.S.-Isn't anyone going to guess a gland?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until you get a hit on your blog from someone searching 'guess a gland'.

-benji hooter

Anonymous said...

Is it the Skene's Gland?


Anonymous said...

poopoo gland?

beckler said...

Oh you are so dirty! I had to look up the Skene's gland and it led me to a nasty page. I had to keep looking at the page over and over because I couldn't believe my eyes. I will probably have to look at it some more later tonight when I'm at home. I only wish that gland was swollen. So no, not the Skene's gland, and certainly not the poopoo gland. Try again.

Anonymous said...

ok, ok, ok, I won't be nasty any more. Is is your nymph lodes?

Stupidest Comment Ever,


Anonymous said...



leon said...

sweat glands?

Anonymous said...

Damn you Miller! Stop making me LOL. I can barely type this as I am ROFLMAO.

-the real Heather

ps parathyroid gland?

Uneasy Rhetoric said...

Pituitary gland. Brain swell.

beckler said...

Wrong. All wrong. It was my humor gland. That's why I'm so fucking funny. LOL