Friday, September 16, 2005


The sad thing is, I have learned no Portuguese whatsoever for the trip, so I had to look up how to say goodbye on babelfish.

Check this space once in awhile. I'll be back in sac on the 5th.


Smitty said...


My goth girl roommate is having her moving in party on Saturday night. There should be a house full o' goths. It should be pretty funny. Come on over.


Dave "Smith"

katymonster said...

i'm really bummed you guys are going to miss this:

as many of you may know, our dear friends Heather and Dan Sostrom (purveyors of Tone Vendor) will be leaving us here in Sacramento to return to Gainesville Florida.

for one last good bye, we'll be hosting a special farewell Sacramento Scavenger Hunt in lieu of the annual hunt the Sostroms usually treat us to.

here's the ditty:

Saturday, September 24th

the hunt begins promptly at 1:30 p.m.

teams are to meet at Tone Vendor

the scavenge should be over around 6pm, with scoring to follow and a farewell party after that.


* up to five persons, teams are formed in advance

* each team will need a digital camera or Polaroid and one vehicle

if you have questions, or need help forming teams, email or call me.

Dave said...

About 30 or 40 goths showed up and played techno goth until 4 am. Graves, as it's called. A lovely take on "raves", I say.

At 4 am, with the party still going strong, Skipper headbutted an annoying goth (are there any other kind?) named Jonathan which started a fight and the party ended. It was a beautiful way to end the night. The place still smells of spilled tequila and clove cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hecka, in case you're reading this in yoo-rope tell Smiller to check his bananas email, Woodhouse needs important info he forgot to leave...... tanks!!!!!