Thursday, September 15, 2005

hot gossip


Even though she's the mom of a 2 year old, Kate Moss still knows how to party. The story in the Mirror relates how she (I guess on video?) cuts up 20 lines of coke, smokes weed, all while drinking shots of vodka and whiskey, smoking, and drinking wine and beer. And of course Pete Doherty and Mick Jones are there snorting up, too.


Anonymous said...

There's a daily mirror joke in there somewhere.


the head said...

any woman rumored to be secretly married to Pete Doherty must like the party quite a bit. When is clean amish style living going to be the new black? Doing coke with Jagger, TIRED.

Anonymous said...

It's not Jagger, it's Mick Jones. Probably the guy from The Clash, and not the guy from Foreigner. I remeber this confused me as a kid.

the head said...

thank you dear, looks like I need to re-read things before commenting on them.