Thursday, September 15, 2005


This is pretty minor, but I'm about to possibly save you nine bucks and a wasted meal. DO NOT get the spaghettini at Bernardo. It's new and it sounds intriguing, but the described pasta, "summer squash", heirloom tomatoes, and breadcrumbs really meant a plate of insanely oily, unappealingly textured (it was really thick, i don't like spaghetti-there was no "ini" about it) pasta, and the promised squash was just zucchini. It was too salty and there were about 5 cloves of near-raw garlic in it. It tasted exactly like something I'd make at home, only I'd make it better.


Beth said...

Huh. I had it a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't fabulous -- I agree that I could do better at home, and it was overpriced -- but it wasn't oily at all. In fact I thought it was a little dry, but basically okay. Which is probably reason enough to avoid it, if they make it that inconsistently.

beckler said...

Yeah, there was a giant pool of oil left over at the end and I felt queasy thinking about how much oil I had consumed.

For a recommendation, Sir Crepeville VI has noted that the chicken fettucini at Crepeville is a dish in which the flavors all knit together quite well. But he's always spinning yarns, so who knows? Just kidding, I just like to needle Sir Crepeville now and then.

leon said...

Also stay away from the calazone at Bernardo. I had it at the Roseville location (which not only sucks because of it's location, but the food quality is lacking as well).

I couldn't finish it due to the gross undercooked eggplant contained within.


Anonymous said...

Restaurants are always fucking up eggplant! Though to be honest, it's not my favorite vegetable to begin with. But still.


beckler said...

the patio at bernardo in roseville is surreal. i think i already blogged about it a while back, but it's set in the middle of a sea of parking lot and they took great pains to make you feel like you're still inside. it's all screened off.

speaking of eggplant, i think natalie and grace would back me up in saying that our eggplant sandwiches at maalouf's last night were the height of deliciousness.

Anonymous said...

Eggplant can be soooo good, but it's true that people are aways fucking it up!


katymonster said...

the Fn'G has the tastiest grilled eggplant in their tortellini salad. it's the tiniest amount though.

makes me wish they'd do a whole sandwich. only because they actually make it right.