Wednesday, September 07, 2005

puppet towne

Somebody tried to generate some excitement over on the undietacos message board (good luck) by linking to my post and trying to claim I hate that flyer. For the record: that flyer's OK by me. I like bloody eyes as much as the next guy. Probably more.

Speaking of that site, Mt. St. mtn has a sweet little site that's linked on it.

This saturday there's an acoustic show at ye olde puppet towne (this house needs a name so someone should make one up or i'm going to use this). Oliver Brown is playing! I haven't seen him in, like, forevs. Also, the Jay and Joel Orchestra will showcase the songs of Norman Greenbaum. And Knock Knock acoustic! I request the lullaby and I demand satisfaction! I'll remind you guys again later in the week, I just don't want people to make other plans for saturday.

Hot news for southside residents-the Peach Garden is dead and from its ashes has risen the Elixer Bar and Grill. So we're going to have a weird bar (a la Liquid) in our neighborhood. Maybe we can have a neighborhood hangout! We can do a pub crawl all within one block. Speaking of Liquid, how is that place doing? I haven't been there in like 2 years but I always thought it would fail. Leon and Niki, you guys hang out there, right?

So Worm and others who have raved about the Kanye album-how do you deal with the lead-off song having a Maroon 5 hook? That just puts me off the whole record. I don't think it's that great. I still only really like "Gold Digger". Don't believe the hype.

Oh yeah, and I guess that really was the last Out Hud show. Major bummer. Hopefully the people involved will have some exciting new projects to come.


Anonymous said...

I heard there is a BBQ before the puppet towne show on saturday.


Anonymous said...

What is it with the Kanye West hype? I appreciate him speaking out on that telethon, but his music suuuucks. Or rather, it's fucking boring.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Are we going with Puppet house? What about Shaking Floor house or Totull Eternity Fest?

Anonymous said...

I'm personally psyched on Ye Olde Puppet Towne.


leon said...

Finally.. A GOOD SHOW IN SACRAMENTO this Saturday! FUCK YES!!!

I went to Liquid the other week. It's ok. They have 2 dollar pints on Wednesday which is pretty sweet. Any bar that is in walking distance from my house is a good bar. I should go there more often. Like I said before, once Kings season starts back up I'll try to be a regular.

"Gold Digger" is this years "Hey Ya", in that we will all be sick of it in a matter of weeks. I never heard Maroon 5 before and don't know anything about them, so that song with the dude doesn't bother me a bit.

beckler said...

Kanye West is a talented producer. He's produced great songs for Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Janet Jackson. If you want to hear the slept on Janet single that should have been huge, go here

and click on "I want you". This song is so good, it totally seems like an old Michael Jackson song. He got nominated for a grammy for producing it. He's done lots of cool shit, I just don't like this album that much.

Leon-you are lucky that you don't know who Maroon 5 is.

Oh yeah, and Norman Greenbaum=Jewish, but, and I don't like to admit this, so is the singer for Maroon 5, Adam Levine.

Anonymous said...


I hope it won't be a fake mystery bar a la Tony Beretta's. It breaks my heart everyday that that place is a fake.


katymonster said...

i went by the Elixer the other night and it was packed!

Anonymous said...

Wait, it's already open?!


leon said...

I don't want to miss anything, so when is the show SUPPOSED to start in Saturday?

beckler said...

9:00? ish?

katymonster said...

it was open last Thursday. maybe that was a pre-party or opening night?

only reason i didn't stop in, is i figured the Denver kids needed a more Sacto bar. so i took them to Old I. and then the new Safeway. i didn't realize we're one of the few states where you can buy hard liquor at the same time you grocery shop.

there should really be a beer guts vs. neck beard night.

Anonymous said...

what is the story with Tony Beretta's?

Erik thinks that Danny O'Neals on T and 30th (round from the co-op) is just someone's house. Anyone know about that place?

mc schmonz

Anonymous said...

My favorite part about the new Kanye album is that it has produced two of the lamest reasons ever of "why not to like an album".

#1: "The guy from Maroon 5 sings 2 sentences". That's like saying, "You shouldn't like Coolio because he wrote a song for the soundtrack for that movie that Jay Baker was an extra in... and Jay Baker ain't no Scarlett Johannsen!"

#2: "That guy who produced some of Fiona Apple's stuff worked with Kanye on this album". Okay, first of all, Fiona is fine! Secondly, _____... ummm...

Here is an example of a good argument: Everyone who says the new Kanye album is unlikeable is wrong. and unlikeable.


Likeable Luther

Anonymous said...

Tony Beretta's a fake? just have to know the secret knock, right?

beckler said...

woah. woah. slow down there, "luther". MAROON 5 IS TOO HORRIBLE FOR WORDS. I don't give a fuck if Adam Levine just farted once in the background of the song, no self-respecting artist would allow that guy in the studio. That just shows respect for money because he's sold like a zillion records. And, once again, leading of with it just makes it worse. If it was hidden on the tenth track I would barely notice.

Also, why would I care if Jon Brion is on it? Who doesn't like it for that reason? That has given most music journalists a raging boner. I listened to some Jon Brion shit today (I'm open-minded, I gave it a chance) and this was my thought: Michael Penn lite in the year 2005 (not acceptable)

I do agree that Fiona Apple is fine, and I liked some of her hits. But, I also listened to her new album streamed online and it sounded lame.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the deal is with Tony Beretta's. I don't even think I know how to spell Berreta. I can tell you this much, it hasn't been open since I moved to Southside in 2001. They painted and fixed it up in about 2003 and put weird wooden window doors on that made me think something was going on but they were just faking me out once again. There's definetely people who live in the attachment in the back. Once in a while the front door is open and I can see junk and some bar stools.

Is there really a secret knock? Will someone tell me? Will Knock Knock tell me?


Anonymous said...

A Different Miller told me this about Danny O'Neals: The dude used to do metal-working out of the garage; he lived above, in an attic with four-foot high ceilings. He makes guns, too, and shoots them at the walls. If I made guns, I'd shoot them at Maroon 5.

katymonster said...

are you g-lo now because of your fine booty? or is it your sweet ass dance moves?

Anonymous said...

Leon: I'm a little late here, but that show is supposed to start at 8:00. I'd take that with a grain of salt though.