Monday, September 12, 2005

more birthdays!

So much business to take care of.

1) Although his fascist school authorities have forbidden him access due to my R rating for sexual content and occasional drug references, perhaps someone will tell him that Heckasac sez
Happy 31st Birthday Heckamax!
Welcome to the thirty wonderful club. Hope to see you tonight and you better be wasted.

Our beloved Melange is morphing into a Crepeville. Discuss.

3) Before I post about the show on saturday, why don't I just link to Chris Olsen's blog and you can see some of the best pictures ever taken of any event ever.

4) I just learned on the chick list that Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies is a Clamper.

I have more crap to post but it will have to wait.


Anonymous said...

I love Crepeburg, but I only need one. Even though Melange is often very spotty, especially in the waning days, I will really miss it. I wish there were more cafes like Melange around town.


Anonymous said...

You should do some research as to what Ambrosia, formerly Espresso Metro, is becoming.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you didn't read "Clampet" for "Clamper"?

Anonymous said...

Are you the hot red-haired chick with the glasses?


alice said...


Anonymous said...

Does this mean Heckasac will be making an appearance at the grand opening of Jethro's casino?

Stephen Glass said...

It's Clampett, I believe.
Happy birthday, heckamax. 31's the killer. Welp, it didn't actually KILL me so I guess I don't really know what I'm talking about. And don't worry; sooner or later we all end up working for facists in some way or another.
best wishes,
the hot red-haired chick with the glasses