Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to smiller tomorrow! Other people might be embarrassed to have their birthday announced in such a public forum, but not smiller-he likes to milk it for all its worth. You can pay your respects tomorrow at the show at Ye Olde Puppet Towne (around the corner from the art store on J, I still don't know the cross streets). As I said before, Oliver Brown, The Jay and Joel Orchestra present Toca de Bongo, Knock Knock acoustic. What more could you want? There is a pre-show barbecue at this location starting around 7:00.

I'm out for the weekend. Fucking finally. I'm exhausted from all the hard work I've done. My wrist is sore from moving the mouse and my fingertips are throbbing from all the keyboard pounding I do. All for you.


beckler said...

stupid font. i can't control it.

DeeAnn said...

In case Lurch and I don't make it to the party tomorrow, Happy Birthday, smiller!

Anonymous said...

dear smills, way to get old. try not to get weird. love, m

Anonymous said...

I heard that Millie dude is hella old. but i think he can still ollie over poverty ridge. that show saturday night was hella tight, bro.

signed - the dude who ate all the Ruffles; making chips at party a threat again.

aka - jyssma (the best word verification i've seen (the said that!))