Thursday, September 08, 2005


The SN&R (which is a real snore this week) has a pointless multi-page article about Nyla, a local man who is transitioning genders. I first saw this dude around like 8 years ago at some night at Cafe Paris that Kev Seconds was running (why the fuck was I at this? I have no idea-you know, on further thought, could the New States have been playing at it? Perhaps). Kev was running a dating game thing and Nyla was a contestant. After that, I would see him around. I got a creepy vibe from him, not cuz he dressed like a woman or anything like that, but because he would come into the co-op dressed like a man and try to get ladies who worked in the deli to look at pictures of him dressed as a woman. He seemed to be getting a sexual thrill out of getting us to look at the pictures and that's what creeped me out. I feel mean writing that, maybe it was harmless. Anyway, my POINT (and I kindahave one) is why does this deserve an article? It's not tied into anything larger about people who are transgender, and it doesn't talk about any other locals who are transitioning. I mean, Sac is small, but this is ridiculous. Being transgender is not that big a deal anymore. It's relatively common. Might as well write a profile about one local man who thinks he might be gay or something.

They also have a food review of Twelve Bridges that is markedly more positive than the slam it got over on chowhound, but is decidedly not glowing nonetheless. A more concise writer than I could have distilled that last sentence into "Twelve Bridges got a bad review". But you don't come here for good writing. You come here because you're bored. But no one is more bored than me.


Anonymous said...

What? SnR wrote a less than glowing review of a restaurant? To read that rag one would think we live in an oasis of deliciousness instead of the dismal distasteful restaurant scene we have here. I'm not trying to dis Sacto cause I love it, but eating out here is almost always painful.

Anonymous said...

I don't think our restaurants are that bad, unless you compare them to LA or San Francisco or other bigger cities. There are a lot of cities the size of Sacramento where all you can find are chain restaurants and no decent Mexican food. I would say we don't have much good cheap food, though, for sure.

But I did restaurant reviews for SNR for a short while and I was told to do mostly positive reviews. I only did one negative review the whole time I was there, and it was my last one, because I just couldn't stand bad food anymore. I never lied about a place, I just didn't review it if it was bad. Which meant I ate a lot of bad food for no good reason.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so the midtown mentality shows up, eh? Something about living in midtown really softens people up. Stories about sex changes in Sacramento will help for them out in the 'burbs. I guess some stores will quit carrying SNR over it. Which sucks, because they should quit carrying it because it's boring.

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