Monday, September 12, 2005

a couple more things...

I can see you're all checking so I might as well post even though I threatened not to. Plus, I can't really shut up even if I try. three things:

1) thanks to mike r. and his housemates for hosting some of the most fun shows and events that I have been to this year at Puppet Towne

2) The Bee made no mention of September 11th on front page yesterday. Tacky. They had a thing today, but still.

3) a new song/chant has been added to the best of sac chants. it had a few variations:

it's not the size of the ship, it's the motion of the ocean
switched to (and the ladies seemed to approve)
it's not the motion of the ocean it's the size of the ship
it's not the size of the dongo it's the rhythm of the bongo
and as it that last one was not embarrassing enough to sing, the mother of all chants
it's not the depth of the vageen, it's the rhythm of the tambourine (he did say "depth" not "size, am I right? i was reasonably sober. and by that i mean my blood alcohol content was less than 1/3 of the total volume)

ok, one more thing. the all star jam that closed out the show was one of the funniest things i have ever seen. it became a karaoke-ish singalong for some of the diehards that were left, the highlight of which was "don't look back in anger".

one more teeny little thing-thanks to knock knock for singing the lullabye. gorgeous.


DB said...

The Bee news department was clearly outshined in topicality by Beakman's Place.

the head said...

Yeah, Beakman really brought it.

I forgot the Oasis isng-along. Thanks for bringing back the painful memory of my own screaming singing style.

Tanya said...

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Anonymous said...

What exactly is the depth of your veeg, Tanya?

Anonymous said...

The Bee is too busy trying to co-opt the hurricane. Are we at risk? Yes.

Once our twin 50 story luxury downtown apt complexes are completed, they will run the first ever "pop up" newspaper edition of 9/11 memorial coverage...with a "can it happen here?" bonus magazine.