Thursday, September 08, 2005

jandek show review

Here's a review of a NYC Jandek show with pics.

The Jack Rose show at FF is tonight. I am pretty sure this will be a fun show. It will be chill for sure because there will be chairs. On the undie list someone suggested that this it will make it more fun for those who may be high, and who am I to argue with that logic? Starts at 10:00 and they swear it will move pretty fast so that they won't have to hear any bitching on the the undietacos message board the next day.


leon said...

What is Jack Rose all about? I searched the internet and this is all I could find:

I'm guessing some Japanese experimental noise band.

beckler said...

Anonymous said...

I like Jack Rose a lot. For whatever that's worth. Just a dude & a guitar. Mostly intrumental. Pretty influenced by John Fahey. nad whatever that Japanese web site is is something different!


leon said...

Sorry, wasn't sold.

How was the show?