Monday, September 26, 2005


First things first, Ben, of course we have tried Super Bock Green and of course it is disgusting. Scott POURED IT DOWN THE DRAIN. A beer that miller couldn't drink, if that tells you how bad it was. A clue to those not in the know-it's lemon flavored. More like a lemon cleaner taste than a lemon taste. Look for it soon at a Trader Joes near you.

Second-who said we should go to Sagres and why? We're considering it so I want to know what it's like. I like the beer, so maybe I'll like the town.

Third-how can a city as beautiful as Porto exist? It seems impossible. I heard a convo between two guys that were drinking Super Bocks about how they've never been anywhere so beautiful and I'm pretty darn sure that they were God and Jesus. It could have just been two guys that looked exactly like them, but I was pretty sure. Jesus (Jewish) was totally checking me out when I walked by.

Fourth-a local specialty in Porto is a little intestinal challenge called the franscechina. I think I'm spelling it wrong, but here's a summary of one that I ate, starting at the top:

covered in tomato gravy
not a joke

last night in Coimbra a little after dinner liquor that i will never speak of again (although miller is planning on bringing a bottle back so hit him up for some if you would like to lose your mind) put the hex on me so my stomach is not up the challenge of any more Portuguese food and we going to eat dinner at this bomb ass Indian place that Marie clued us into. And then later tonight we're going to see Smog. I hesitated to write that we're on the guest list but it's true. I'm finally gonna get to check out Joanna Newsome's ass that Ive heard so much about. That sounds gross so I feel the need to add that of course she is very talented.

Tomorrow, to the beach!


beckler said...

OK, I will tell you the name of the liquor, it's liquor bicao (pronounced bee-zhow) which led me to write the rhyme "wine before bicao, you throw up now"

cocaine bands-give me a break! why even have a theme? what popular band didn't do coke? you could do anybody, from chuck berry to kenny rogers. that's no fun.

even though i'm having an amazing time, i do miss everyone and i can't wait to see all my friends. and eat a vegetable that's not a fried potato.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to go to Setubal!! Maybe on your way back to Lisbon from the beaches down south? And eat the caracois (snails). Our biggest regret was not eating the snails for some pussy reason like being "too full". There are competing snail purveyors across the street from eachother, what a beautiful thing. Also, drink the Moscatel de Setubal.


Anonymous said...

Beckler! We miss you too. Don't worry, the Halloween show is going to be awesome. I think people will probably be creative and not just do anything. I'm hoping somebody will step up to the plate and take on Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, but that's just me. Just imagine: David Paul as David Crosby, Dillon Lennebacker as Lionel Richie, Molly Cooper as Axl Rose (although none of these people have decided on these performances, I'm just trying to stoke your imagination). I think it's gonna be great!


Anonymous said...

Are you there Becky, it's me, Gillie. I said got to Sagres. It's as delightful as the beer. In fact, you can drink Sagres in Sagres. You can also easily hitchike out to the most southwestern spot in Europe and it's purty and maybe buy a sweater. At least that's what I did. There's also some gorgeous beaches that are a little bit nude if you go out of town a little bit towards that castle place that is the southwesternmost tip of Europe.

Anonymous said...

...well I say tell all the ladies in Portogaul that I am good looking and single.


ps I miss you guys!

werenotdeep said...

Reading that list of ingredients makes me think of the Monty Python Spam sketch.