Friday, September 16, 2005

two stories that won't be funny (until you read them high)

All you east coast folks are lucky enough to be able to go to a new cool exhibit at the American Folk Art museum. It's "outsider art" (a la Darger), but the theme and title of the show is Obsessive Drawing. The small pics on the website look rad. It's running forever, until March, and I hope to be in NYC in november, so maybe I can go see it, too.

There's a Lyme Regis show in Oakland tonight that I'll be at. The other Pets (not the Sac ones) will be playing, too. That's reminds me of a past stoney idea that D.P. reminded me of yesterday. Probably 5 or 6 years ago we got really stoned (cool) and thought up the idea of secondary pets. You know, pets for your pets. We wrote a commercial and used it as the 26th st. answering machine message. D.P. was using a wrestler-style voice of a man commanding that you "Get that pet a pet" and then I came on and told about the virtues of secondary pets. It still makes me laugh thinking about it. Some of you may have heard it at the time, and you probably didn't think it was funny then, either. Charles also made me laugh last night reminding me of a stoney idea he had to write the biography of the man who invented the chainsaw. I think that's really funny. But I was stoned when he was telling me.


Anonymous said...

i have on many occasions thought about getting meeka cat a pet. I also know that they pair up horses with cats/goats/dogs etc.. as a pet/companion to keep them from getting lonely or when they are anti social and don't get along with other horses-does that count ?
yes i am a animal
dork alicia

beckler said...

meeka needs a pet marmoset. i'm sure she wouldn't eat it.

Anonymous said...

The other funny thing I wanted to do for a living besides be the offical biographer of the man (or woman) who invented the chainsaw, was to estimate the populations of ancient cities.


ps there was also a fake letter me and becky drafted during the movie "the POstman". It was from Kevin Cosners wife to Kevin Cosner. It went "Dear Kevin Cosner, you suck. wheren't you also in the other movie that sucked?"

And that was the one era of my life I look upon with the most fondness.

White Eyebrow said...

The guy that invented the chainsaw actually lived the last years of his life in Sac. His name was Max, he was Swedish. I have a friend that was his in-home caregiver.