Friday, September 02, 2005


There's some annoying bullshit going on at this site. (there's your link, are you happy?). Check the comments for the last few posts. What's up with you guys approving the comments before you post them? Scared? I'm gettting too mad but some guy wrote a really dumb comment about the Pet and Puppy center debacle.

Happy Labor Day weekend! Donate money to the Red Cross! Go to the fair! Go see Grizzly Man! Etc.!


DeeAnn said...

What happened at the Pet and Puppy center? I couldn't find it.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. They went from tame to out of control in a matter of hours.

Anonymous said...

Becky, you need to realize how hard it is to have a tottal in-your-face attitude over the internet.



CoolDMZ said...

comment approval cuts down on spam by 100%. does it help my punk cred if i say that comments were delayed the last few hours because i took my wife and kids to Old Navy and Johnny Rockets? in the minivan?

Anonymous said...

No, it does not. You still suck. You guys rocked and then you blew it. Stop.

Anonymous said...

I agree the comments over there are getting out of control. Some people need to learn to take a joke.

Ali Seconds said...

I read "the loft" comments. Is that a blog done by Kevin Seconds cause it's pretty fuckin' lame.

W.C. Varones said...

Grizzly man: great movie!

Amelie said...

Tim and Liv got burglarized and lost a lot of their prized possessions, including but not limited to vintage guitars and underwears. From what I understand, the robbers took showers and ate their food for pete's sake, but that may just be The Telephone Game making noises. Still, it's horrible.

And comment approval? I don't know anyone who actually does that, do I?

DeeAnn said...

Thanks! Dang, I'm so out of touch now didn't realize the Pet and Puppy center and Tom & Liv's place was the same thing. I just looked at the entry from the 30th.
That really sucks.

Dave said...

It's far more than just the vintage gear they took. The most important was Tim's dead father's tools and wedding ring.

Then there's Liv's jewelry, the music equipment, and all of Liv's clothes including all her underwear. Trashed a lot of stuff that was left over. They also got Tim's guns (vintage rifles) which had a detective assigned to the case.

After the original people broke in, they left the back door open and spread the word so many people stopped by to take stuff, shower and sleep. She found used condoms on their bed (surprised that crackheads were practicing safe sex).

One of the people arrested has a homeless non-profit place trying to get him arrested saying the house was abandoned and he was arrested without reason.

Liv spent last week driving around looking for their stuff and had 7 or 8 people arrested. Sometimes with Marletta and Tim White. Maybe Mark Miller? She'd see someone on one of their bikes or wearing their clothes and would stop them. The cops would show up and arrest them and tell her to knock it off. She didn't until they found and arrested the ringleader. Then it stuck in that she was liable to get herself killed stopping crackheads.

She got back the bicycles and some of her clothes and jewelry, but none of the important stuff like Tim's dad's wedding ring and tools. That'll hurt the most. One of the girls arrested was wearing her underwear.

They didn't ask for the benefit. She's been driving around midtown and a few other areas looking for a house for them to move into because she was advised by the police to stay away. She needs to buy clothes and a bed but they'd like if people in Sacramento and the Bay Area who know what sort of vintage stuff Tim has to phone in if they find it.

One of the locals who sells a lot of hot stuff has connections with the Bay Area so some stuff has probably moved that way.

They also took Liv's cello and some accoustic guitars. Some of the music stuff as posted by Tim:

Alamo Fiesta Guitar: red, vaguely strat shaped. midsixties two pickup
with white pickguard. extra red wire from bridge to jack visible.
white headstock in greyish chipboard case. Call police if you see
this cause there ain´t another one anywhere near.

Supro guitar: tiny ivory solidbody one pickup supro in original chpboard case

Fender Vibrolux amp, mid sevenites... somewhat dingy... it`s the one mike plays allt eh time.

Fender super reverb. near perfect. `rodney´s from the troublemakers. has non original speakers... some fancy ass late nineties brand i don´t remember

1969 Fender 4 10 PA column. grillcloth has red threads in it and the tolex is faux alligator/snakeskin

Amelie said...

Mein gott. It makes my stomach hurt so much. I'm seriously selling all my maternity clothes and donating my earnings to Liv. Poor Tim! Mein gott...