Wednesday, September 07, 2005

late links

I'm bored and I can't leave yet so I'll attempt to amuse you (and myself) with some CL men seek women links. I know, exciting. Your palms are probably getting all sweaty right now and slipping off the keys.

This one is more of an erotic story than an ad (it's just text but it's pretty racy so you judge if it's SFW, it's SFMY**). It's creepy. He keeps emphasizing slender and waiflike, thin, but with giant breasts. Someone's been reading too many comic books.

This guy should probably just go to a bar (Elixer?) and look for a lady who's hammered. He would probably get better results. Like that part in 40 year old virgin where he picks up the drunk girl. That part's classic. Oh? You haven't seen it yet? You say that you don't like funny movies or laughing? Maybe you should go see The Wedding Crashers instead, then.

And to think I went to Natalie's friday night when I could have been jamming on my flute. OK, I'm stretching here. This one's not that funny and at least it's about some people who actually got together and talked so it's not making me sad like some of the other ones.

I'll try again...this one has a funny typo?

Weak. Well, I'm going home anyway!

**safe for my work


the head said...

Becky, sorry I didn't have a flute
for you to play, but we did make plans to go sky diving.

Anonymous said...

The typo one is great. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

Why does he spell it wrong twice?! Is this some sort of code?!


werenotdeep said...

Am I alone, or does the flute playing platonic crowd's little image at the bottom look like a mob about to burn a witch or set fire to a cross?

Maybe I just always see the worst in things.