Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Now for the promised blathering...

I ate at Everett and Jones (7271 Franklin Blvd.) this weekend. (sorry Homzee, it wasn't a plan, we just stumbled on it and said "why not?"). It's the Oakland barbecue chain that has an outpost in Sac now. It's cavernous inside and decorated with sports memorabilia with lots of tvs around that were all showing sports. You order at the counter, and it has a somewhat limited menu. Here's the online version. Miller got the small lunch order of chicken (which comes with one side and cornbread) and I got (what else?) brisket. The sauce comes in mild, medium and hot. He got medium, I got hot. The food was quickly brought out to us. My brisket, while not as tender as the brisket at the Chuck Wagon at the fair, was smoky and flavorful. I think medium sauce might be the way to go because to turn up the heat in mine they just added an insane amount of red pepper flakes and it was a bit much. Not too hot, but the red pepper just overwhelmed the other flavors. My side of greens had ham hock or some other meat in it, as it should, and it was good. The cornbread was excellent, too. Miller's chicken was falling off the bone and he said it was good. He got the potato salad side and he liked it. I really wish they had mac and cheese here, but I'd like to try the slaw and the beans another time. They claim that ribs are their specialty, so obviously I have to try that. It seems like everyone I know has been talking about ribs lately, and although they're something I can only recall eating a few times in my life, I think I need to start eating more ribs. My doctor might not agree with that statement but I already lie to him about how much I drink, so why should I tell him about this? Oh yeah, I ate the leftover brisket the next day (I still had a pretty big portion of leftovers from the small lunch serving) and it was even better.

more about food-

I never cease to be delighted by how delicious and consistent the food at Cafe Bernardos is. They had a new surprise in store for me the other night when I was mulling over their sparse (and crappy) wine list. I decided I would get a glass of the Freixenet, the Spanish sparkling wine that they have by the glass, but the place was about to close and I was worried I was going to get a flat, small glass for 5.50. I was thrilled to see him pull out the cutiest, tiniest little bottle that I've ever seen and proceed to pour the whole thing into a big glass. What a great deal! And then I had the soup of the day, which was just a simple corn chowder but it was exceptionally tasty. The corn tasted fresh off the cob. Fresh off the cob, I say. And with bits of bacon.

If you're still reading this far, did anybody listen to FM 102 this weekend? Why oh why do both big hip-hop stations in town suck a big fat dick at all times except holiday weekends? If they have it in them to be this good then why can't they be good all the time? The Bomb was OK, but 102 was blowing my mind. I sat on my porch for an hour yesterday listening and I just wish there was someone there with me to hear how good it was because I couldn't believe my ears. The DJ was doing a continuous mix, the highlight of which was a mix of "thuggish ruggish bone" (which is on my top ten list of all time hip-hop hits) over various backing tracks, including "the way you move" by Outkast. I guess you had to be there. This just made me more bitter that I have to suffer through 50 Cent and the same tired E-A-Ski track the rest of the time.


Anonymous said...

50 cent is such a hack! He had one good hit and the rest totally SUCKS! But have you seen how many times he's been shot?! He's so hard. Maybe the remaining WWII vets can start successful rapping careers if that's all it takes.


Anonymous said...

I personally arranged to get shot seven times yesterday upon leaving "The Aristocrats" just to help hype up my cred. One of the hollow-points just winged me, but the other six hit the mark and getting ready to pick up the mike and tell the truth.