Wednesday, September 28, 2005

tuna pizza

Hey everybody

greetings from faro. today me and scott took an intense bike ride to the beach. lets just say this country is not exactly bike friendly. we were basically riding bikes on the freeway. then i got a flat tire. we have post traumatic stress similar to if we were in nam. the doctor prescribes vast amounts of port and luckily its very easy to get here.

michele-we did go to setubal and we had a good time. the only thing that sucked is that we planned the day trip poorly and were rushing to get back. however, we had one of our best meals so far there. and we ate tripe, which is repulsive.

today i had one of my worst meals. we ate at a creperie for breakfast out of desperation to get something semi normal and maybe have eggs for breakfast and the saddest waitress (she was filled with saudade) served me a crepe filled with a COLD chopped hard boiled egg, cold unmelted cheese, frozen corn, and RAW BACON. i almost started crying (i know i was being a baby but i was so hungry and i just wanted anything i could eat) so scott took a bite to make me feel better and later he got really nauseous.

jenny-i came to this internet cafe in hopes of emailing you our arrival info but of course i left that in the room. however, i do know for semi sure that we arrive at 645 on monday on a continental flight. i may have the time wrong but rest assured i will email it to you sometime before then.

p.s.-scott ate a tuna fish pizza while we were in coimbra. it was pretty good. like a tuna melt. also, the college students there wear these awesome black uniforms with patches all over them that tell what they are studying.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you Heckasac for being the News and Reviews best-est blog ever. I love this blog and am glad others think so as well.

Anonymous said...

hey Tower beat out the Crest in the readers choice! if only someone would save tower theatre.

Anonymous said...

I think the Readers also for the 14th year in a row, gave Taco Bell best mexician food resturant.


ps save the crest

Anonymous said...

Josh Reynolds is quoted in the NYTimes, baby!