Monday, September 12, 2005

last post

I am depressed by the relative lack of comments and I am not going to reward your bad behavior with any more posts.

I would just like to officially make a fashion prediction (which is less than earth-shattering because its already happening) that high waisted seventies jeans are going to be coming in with a vengeance. They will be kind of bell-y or flowy at the bottom but these are major ass jeans. Check out the Imitation of Christ show for ideas. Click to see the slide show. I can't rock these jeans, I prefer more classic cuts, but that doesn't bug me too much because I weathered the Wranglers trend (which never hit as big out here as on the east coast) and I'm glad I resisted the urge to try to wear those. They're not very flattering. Except on cowboys because, of course, Wrangler butts drive me nuts.


Anonymous said...

Seems like someone is depressed because they are an attention monger. When the attention wanes, they give up. Is it really that bad? That you want to just up and quit? Hmph.

Anonymous said...

Get to commenting, you no-goodniks. This is bad behavior indeed; what are you people all doing, working or something? I can't honestly be the only person here with Mondays off.

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in the latest antics of !!! can check out the Schnauz's pics...


p.s. heckasac,just be glad anonymous isn't your life coach...or your friend!

beckler said...

thanks for the link to the pictures

i was hoping that anonymous was secretly dr. phil. it's my dream that he reads my blog, which leads to us meeting, and then we have the most life-affirming sex ever.

j.k. i don't have a crush on dr. phil i swear. that would be sick.

Anonymous said...

What, his beady little black eyes and tough love approach (if you know what I mean) does't really turn you on?