Thursday, September 08, 2005

paul and phil are the worst

Don't read the CL rants and raves becaue the homophobia and racism will make you sick, but I have a strong stomach so I briefly checked it and there is this running topic of some stupid shit that Paul and Phil said on talk 650 or Y92 about New Orleans. Somebody finally posted this funny rant that hit the nail on the head. Hopefully these total D's get fired

Here's a CL poem to lift your spirits.

And if you're not busy on saturday morning.... Actually straight people already have a straight pride parade. It's basically every fucking parade that exists, every wedding, every TV show, every rom com, etc., etc.


Anonymous said...

What did Paul & Phil say about New Orleans?

DB said...

Bizarre...a white t-shirt and black that some sort of straight uniform? Does your straight-dar go off when you see a guy wearing that?

Anonymous said...

i love that the meeting place for the "parade" is the big five parking elk grove... heckasac, i think you should go undercover in required uniform abnd report the festivities.

Anonymous said...

this is always one of my favorite things that people say. If "they" have a gay parade, then why don't we get a straight parade? Life IS a straight parade- Only, you don't have to pay $8.00 to get in the door.

-nicola, yeah I'm gay- so what, miller

Stephen Glass said...

If march straight people must, then be it in Laguna. I'm sure the floats and marching bands will be as dazzlingly adequate as whenever, as has previously been made mention, the other roughly 117 million times per year that this group assembles for scheduled processions. I do hope no one wears the wrong polo shirt.

beckler said...


Apparently Paul and Phil said some stupid shit about how if you gave people those debit cards with two grand on them they would just spend it on crack or sneakers or something. You know, the typical veiled racism and ignorance that you expect from morning radio boners.

Anonymous said...

Silly- everyone knows you can't buy crack witha debit card.