Friday, October 21, 2005

and something for the dudes

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So we can all agree that Sarah Silverman is fine, but is she funny? Judging from the preview of her movie "Jesus Is Magic" which will probably come to Sac in November, no. Yes, she says shocking things including the n-word, but I have yet to hear her tell a funny joke.


Anonymous said...

She is fine, though.


Anonymous said...

This is from the New Yorker article from this week. I thought it was funny.

Ten years ago, when Silverman had recently moved to Los Angeles, she decided to try something conceptual in her standup routine. She took a pair of khaki pants, dabbed a tiny bit of red paint in the crotch, and wore them to a gig at a club called Largo. After telling jokes for five minutes, she started roaming around the stage, admonishing herself aloud for not using it to better advantage. She did a somersault, and heard a slight, mortified intake of breath. “I just thought it would be an experiment, interesting because the audience would think it was funny and also be dying for me,” Silverman says. “Then I went back and did five more minutes of jokes, to see how it changed the room, how it was this elephant in the room.” At the end of the set, she allowed herself to notice the stain, and said, wincing, “Did you guys—you, you must think that I have my period and you’re probably dying for me. Of course you did. Why wouldn’t you? No.” She paused and said, as if to reassure, “I had anal sex for the first time tonight.”

beckler said...

I'll have to read that article but I still don't think that joke is funny. It's slightly funny to walk around with the red paint, but the punchline relies on the audience being shocked that a woman is telling jokes about anal sex. It's the same as her famous joke about how she was raped but it was by a doctor so as a Jewish girl it was bittersweet. Relying on shock value. That joke I think is actually kinda funny I must admit. She's the Jewish, female Andrew Dice Clay.

Anonymous said...

sometimes i think her whole schtick is to say things that men want women to say, things which women would never normally say.

"if you want to get your breasts really clean, you should just try this: get in the shower with your boyfriend."

but then she does things like the anal sex bloody pants gag, and i'm sorry, but that is some twisted shit that only a real freak would come up with. i think she's effing hilarious. she has an insane way of creeping up on you with the punchline, totally unique.

"I was raped. [long pause]. It was my doctor. Which, for a jewish girl, is so, bittersweet, you know?"

it does bug me that she's so beloved by the maxim/FHM crowd.

Stephen Glass said...

See, that's the thing. Sarah Silverman is scorching-hot fine, and she did tell the funniest joke in "The Aristocats," and I WANT her to be funny, but in the years I've seen her generally unfunny standup and her bombing jokes in that rough mid-90s period of "SNL" and heard that damn shower-with-your-boyfriend joke 50 times, and I'm still waiting for the ship to come in. Her funny moments seem to come in talk-show apeparances and such (not in movies, either, I forgot to add) and a couple of episodes of "The Larry Sanders Show." I have faith. She has potential.
In the meantime, she's at least one tall doe-eyed foxy jewess.

Anonymous said...

beckler wrote:
> but the punchline relies on the audience being shocked
> that a woman is telling jokes about anal sex.

No, the punchline certainly does not rely on the audience being shocked by a woman joking about anal sex. It would have been just as funny had a twelve year old boy pulled that schtick.

--president of the sarah silverman stalker society

Anonymous said...

Oh yea--that sheet reminds of Larry David almost getting it on with Gina Gershon. Gina Gershon was a pretty dang sexy Hasidic Jewess in that episode...

----president of the sarah silverman stalker society

Anonymous said...

----president of the sarah silverman stalker society


Anonymous said...

nope--that's not pres. of SS/SS...