Friday, October 21, 2005

everybody's working for the weekend

The Cassidys are playing two shows this weekend. They don't seem to play live very often so check 'em out. Tonight they are playing a cheap show at the Fox and Goose. Tomorrow they're at Old I. with a bunch of other bands.

Other than that there are two big weddings this weekend. Brian Pyne is about to become a lawfully wedded husband till death do him part to Erin Lovig. And then there is the costume wedding extravaganza of Joel and Hillary (or Jillary as the tabloids call them) that I haven't even really thought about because my mind can't comprehend how amazing it will probably be. Too bad my costume is kinda uninspired and I have to go with some old dude. I better score some of that magical liquid "G" for after the wedding if I wanna see any action at all.

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Anonymous said...

For those not nuptialling, the Spits are playing at the Boardwalk on Sunday. They put on quite a show. Too bad they are coming on the wrong night.
G Bomb