Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Gouda vibrations


So I've been obsessed with the Beach Boys album Holland lately. It's so good! I've been trying to puzzle out who sings what, and I found this website which has a reprint of a booklet that was released by the Beach Boys in advance of the album. The song credit stuff is at the end. Turns out that one of my favorite songs (only with you) has music by Dennis, words by Mike Love (which makes me like it less) and is sung by Carl.

The booklet has some great stuff, including this quote:

they took off for Holland where the surf's NEVER up

The story of how they built an entire huge studio and then flew it to Holland has so many insane things about it that it can't all be true. Come on, the plane was so heavy it cracked the tarmac? I don't know if I believe that.

The cover of Holland is rad. I just wish my copy had come with the Brian Wilson 45 inside.


Kev said...

It took awhile but Holland really started growing on me too, a year or so ago. I was pretty psyched to hear Brian play "Sail On Sailor" at his Berkeley.

beckler said...

That's rad! I really like that song. Blondie Chaplin sings it on the record? Who the hell is that?

Anonymous said...

He was recruited from the amazing Carl & The Passions.


S said...

Actually, Chaplin was an "official" Beach Boy for about four years in the 70's.

His band, whose name escapes me at the moment ("Flames" or some damn thing?), was on the Beach Boys' "Brother Records" label. After opening several shows for the Beach Boys, he was recruited to play for the band.

He is featured on two or three Beach Boys albums (playing both piano and bass, I think?) and, additionally, did some instrumental for The Rolling Stones.

Yeah. I'm a total liner notes dork.

In any case... Sail on Sailor was amazing in concert (on both occasions that I was lucky enough to see it)... Although it was very apparent at that time that the largest portion of the crowd wasn't too familiar with Holland. The audience-wide sing along DEFINITELY died down for that song. :)

Anonymous said...

thats weird i've been stuck on the beach boys love you, lately...
johnny homzee