Friday, October 28, 2005

halloween show postponed!

Dudes, I'm serious about this Finches CD. I'll stop harping on this but I must say again that you have to get it.

OK, big news of the day-the Halloween show is officially postponed. No one (besides Oasis) has gotten their shit together. This always happens with the Halloween show. It's now on saturday, November 19th, right? Which means I will probably be on the east coast. Last night under the influence of many glasses of wine some people had convinced me to forgo extending my east coast trip just so I could go to the show, but this morning, clear-eyed and (semi)sober I'm all like "Nuh-uh". So you'll have to bravely proceed without me.

Saw "Saraband" and I'll pronounce it for hardcore Bergman fans only. I'm hella hardcore so I loved it, despite the squirm-inducing and labored scenes with loathsome Henrik and his annoying daughter. It was all worth it to see Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson reunited. Liv Ullmann looks so beautiful! And I won't give away the end except to say that there is some hott octegenarian nudity. It has the usual Bergman theme of the suffocating closeness and hatred that hold some families together. It ain't the Family Circus, kids (or is it?).


Anonymous said...

Is the show seriously only postponed because people didn't have their bands together? All you fookin lazy bastards can fuck right off!


Anonymous said...

Fucking great. I'll be out of town too!

-James Taylor

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, in 2 weeks when people still don't have their bands together, it'll get postponed again. Sorry James. I'll write a song for you. I'll call it Little James. It will be featured on our upcoming release Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants. It's gonna be even fookin' better than Be Here Now! On the bright side, does this mean Bill Clinton's back in the Mac!


werenotdeep said...

Strange as it seems, after I get back from Phoenix next weekend, two weeks later, I'm going to Phoenix again.

Don't try to look for reason in these things.

And I keep telling you people. I can't play the saxophone.

Christ, just push it back to December 3rd. I mean, it's going ot have to, that's all there is to it. I'm predicting it'll be pushed forward to December 3rd.

beckler said...

December 3rd! December 3rd! I'm starting a chant at my desk. AND it will give Chris time to learn to play the sax.

Anonymous said...

No, Dec 3rd is the day Olsen & I are going to Phoenix. Don't tell him. It's a surprise.


werenotdeep said...

If it's december 3rd, it might give me enough time to learn how to play the sax, and give me time to get enough money to get my saxophone repaired after it fell apart after getting it back from Goulet. I actually don't think it was his fault, though, it's kind of a peice of junk and it rode around in my trunk for like two weeks before I opened the case again.

It also might give me enough time to be Elton John and also find enough suckers to be my backup band when I do "Minnie The Moocher". Cab Calloway, people! THE FIRST EVER COKE BAND! COME ON! Miller, we'll be back by the night time, right? So you can play the drums.

amy said...

my magic 8 ball says you should push it back to december 10th. december 10th is way better than december 3rd.

beckler said...

Christmas show! Christmas show! Christmas show! Olsen-so you OWN a sax, but claim you can't play it? That's very suspicious.

werenotdeep said...

I only just bought it in June from my ex-room mate for the specific purpose of learning how to play it. I only had it a very short time before I loaned it to No Kill I TNG, and then I had to move, and then it was broken.

Even if I'd have practiced a lot between now and then, I still probably wouldn't be very good.