Monday, October 24, 2005

Wedding Awards

Well I thought why bother blogging about the wedding, there were so many bloggers there and some of them had digitial cameras so their posts will be better. But lo and behold, I guess most of you are "tired" or "hungover" or "didn't go into work today" (I don't know why these words need quotes), so once again, the burden falls on me. Niki has at least posted her photos, so go here if you want to see them. I would like to hand out a few awards

Best Bride and Groom: Joel and Hillary (of course)

Best Team Costume: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Best Toast: FDR (he bravely stood up from his wheelchair and delivered a rousing speech)

Most In Character: The Oldest Dude in The World-he's probably still in character right now, screaming at someone and hitting them with his cane

Biggest Shitbag-Carlos Santana (except why no solos, Carlos? You let us all down)

Best Dancing in Character: tie between FDR doing the Charleston and Brew dancing like the hot 70's divorcee

Best Band Costume: The Lollipop Guild

Best Taco Bar: The Taco Bar

Best Middle-aged Lady Cutting Loose-Joel's Aunt Donna


werenotdeep said...

Wow, I'm honored!

Anonymous said...

Here's some more categories (reader's choice):

Best Toast: Skip (particularly when he said that he had been excited about the wedding for a month)

Best Fun House Fuck Up: Beetlejuice

Best Costume Found in a Gutter in Tijuana: Bronco

And thank you Beckler for the honor of a tie with FDR for best dancer. I challenge the invalid to a dance-off!


beckler said...

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that I caught the bouquet for the third time in a row. Not that that means ANYTHING. It mostly means that I'm usually the tallest, especially if I'm standing next to that pipsqueak Jana in her comfortable flats.

Stephen Glass said...

Catching the bouquet or the garter is pretty much skewed toward the tall, and I speak from elevated experience.
Not that over the years that's meant anything.

beckler said...

I forgot some more things:

Thanks to Ella for the last minute, vintage nurse costume. She saved my life. Besides being nurse to the oldest dude in the world, my most fun moments were spent pushing FDR's wheelchair, loudly humming hail to the chief in an attempt to get people to make way for the president.

Also, Mike R. Mike's costume as the all-seeing eye of Sauron was hilarious. Hope someone posts a picture of it.

Anonymous said...

"We have nothing to drink, but beer itself!"

- drunk FDR


Anonymous said...

How bout an award for those of us who made it to work today! Yeah! No one's online and I'm bored.
jana responsible driver maginness.

Anonymous said...

ps. I wasn't even trying to catch that bouqet. Gay people can't get married, duh!

Anonymous said...

props to the people who didnt puke.

da wiz

werenotdeep said...

I was actually surprised when I got up this morning and it was pretty damn easy to shake off the initally heavy groggy feeling and get out the door, not only in enough time to be on time to work, but to be early. That is, I would have been, but there was a wreck on southbound 99, so I was 15 minutes late because I cut over to freeport instead.

Mike as Sauron was the funniest costume, by far. I had never considered the all-seeing eye as possibly being a googley eye. It was sort of like a cross between Sauron and Cookie Monster.

Anonymous said...

I recieve no props then. You know what? It was worth it.

Shamefully yours,

Anonymous said...

joel's aunt donna is the second best dance partner in the world. Second best, of course, to sacramento's very own heather conwad.

nicola, I wish I had an aunt named donna, miller

Unknown said...

the lollipop guild was in my top five!!

along with the Le Petit Prince.

best wedding ever!! it's almost a shame we can't do it again.

werenotdeep said...


beckler said...

awesome pictures but you totally exposed my secret identity! oh well. and heckamax, you DID get props from me. best band costume.

werenotdeep said...

Secret identity?

Anonymous said...


I am honored by the props for my gang. LG in the house! Actually, I was responding to the person who said, "props to the people who didn't puke" which I would deserve none of.

'Cause, you see, it is my "little tradition" to honor a truly great event by finding a corner to puke in. Previous honorees have included Mike and Heather's wedding. Bravo, gents!

Good work Hillary Von Joel!


Unknown said...

Mike R. should use that eyeball next year and go as Ben Stein.

werenotdeep said...


Anonymous said...

my wedding pictures are up on flickr if anyone wants to see more. I've really enjoyed looking at different people's this week.