Thursday, October 20, 2005

forget it.

I took a post down that I shouldn't have posted in the first place because I paraphrased someone's statement that could possibly get them busted becaue of who is reading this blog and taking umbrage at everything I say today. Sorry to everyone involved. I would like to get old Heckasac back on a positive track today and note that there's (a contraction of there is) a show tonight in Davis. It's a kinda psych folk show and I hear it should be good. Brew is making me a gourmet dinner tonight so I can't go. But check over at undietacos for the details.


werenotdeep said...

I sorta kind of did that recently. It was actually only half a post, and I sorta made fun of this guy I know without using his name, but it was a stupid post anyway, even without that consideration.

But the dude ended up reading it and knew I was talking about him. Oops!

I better eat me a Danish so I'll be smarter again and not do stupid stuff like that any more!

beckler said...

yeah, i gotta remember to be careful and the list of people i can mock with impunity is getting smaller and smaller

let me guess, you're Danish.

Anonymous said...

Why did you make fun of me in your earlier post? This makes me feel intense sadness and anger. I will talk to my close friend, Richard Gere, about putting a fatwa on you.

kiss your ass goodbye
the Dalai Lama

Anonymous said...

There's a cool wiki about the Bomb Shelter. Seems pretty rad.

G (not related to the) Bomb Shelter

Anonymous said...

If anyone's thinking of going to this bomb shelter show, I'd love to catch a ride. It starts at 6:00 so even taking Amtrak will get me there too late. I promise I'll just sit quietly on your lap for the drive. Oh yeah, and if you're claustrophobic, you should go to the Delta Of Venus show instead. Don't ask me why these bands are playing twice tonight. Maybe because they couldn't resist playing in a bomb shelter.