Monday, October 17, 2005

the worst

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I'm posting some pics to keep you amused. Can you believe someone who is not Angelina Jolie got a tattoo of Maddox? People are so weird.

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Anonymous said...

From an email from a Sacto loft band fan that I got today (she doesn't even know DP):

VH1 was on the tv, and I'm not sure what sort of program they were having.  Something about the ethnicity of television puppets.  I remember all of these pseudo celebrities giving their opinion on what race big bird is.  I was yelling, "he's a fucking bird!"  Geez...but then it was Alf or someone I can't remember, but this dude says, "he's got to be Armenian....wearing a track suit and no shoes?  he's definitely Armenian."  I died with excitement.  I guess Armos are dirty and sleazy....