Monday, October 17, 2005


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Here's a hott pic of Amy Sedaris to hold you over till the Strangers with Candy movie comes out (which may be never, unfortunately)


juniorquenchfan80 said...

i saw stephen colbert from strangers with candy at the seu jorge show at bowery ballroom the other day. he and i were all alone in the downstairs bar, so i figured i should say something. being a dweeb, i'm like, "strangers with candy was a great show."

he goes, "thanks. usually people say something about the daily show."

then four beautiful women came over and mobbed him, at which point our conversation became less important in his life.

beckler said...

wow! A Colbert sighting. I imagined he might be a dick. Either Amy Sedaris or Paul Dinello (Mr. Jellyneck) would be at the top of my list for a celeb sighting. I'm guessing I probably won't see them in Sac.

Anonymous said...

I've been obsessed with Stephen Colbert ever since I listened to Wigfield on tape. He is the master of redundacy and of repeating things said in a different manner in a way that is so hilariously funny that it makes me love him.

Anonymous said...

My friend in LA once called me from a drugstore where she was following around Mr. Jellineck. She said it was THE most exciting sighting considering her love of the show. Even more exciting than the time we saw Brian Doyle Murray using a payphone on Vermont...back when there were payphones.