Friday, October 14, 2005

boss the big biz

Everyone's favorite Davis band, Boss the Big Bit, is playing at the FF tonight. They will probably play another stellar 2 and a half hour set. Too bad I'm going to a different show.

Pitchfork has a thing today about how David Cross is getting sued by the owner of that Nashville club that he made look like a total D in his DVD. That thought occurred to me when I was watching it. The owner has started his own website to dis David Cross. It takes forever to load.

Pitchfork also has a little item about how Jandek is playing a festival in Glasgow. That sounds so fun to see! I really want to go to Glasgow.


beckler said...

oh yeah, I forgot to mention that David Cross' production company is named "liberal Jew run media". funny.

Anonymous said...

Trying to diss David Cross is not a game I'd want to get involved in...there's no way to win!