Thursday, October 20, 2005

nothing dirty here, heckamax

That unpleasantness this morning has left a bad taste in my mouth. Or maybe it was the gross soup that I made last night in a crock pot. It was exciting to use a crock pot, though. I will try to clear the air by posting some dumb crap. Enjoy.

My best wishes and prayers (which scientific studies show DO work, at least according to studies conducted by the Dalai Lama) go out to the Head. Who was felled by her mortal enemy, salt. No, not really, her other foe, the light rail tracks put a hurt on her quad muscles. Keep blazin' it up to ease the pain and watch Dr. Phil just for me.

I checked out the new cafe at Beers books and the coffee was really good. It's weird to try to juggle coffee and browsing, but I managed to not damage any merchandise. I found a sweet Taschen book on Tom of Finland that contains such erotic images as a giant butch guy actually giving it to the world. As in he's floating in space and uh, being carnal with our own blue and green planet. Hott! Here's a cool NSFW website of the Tom's of Finland foundation that carries on his legacy and finances other erotic artists and stuff. That's Tom himself on the left in the photo.
And here's a lazy post. What is the magic G that this guy is talking about. And can't his girlfriend just do the thing that he mentions? Is there a problem with her doing that? It seems easier than taking a pill. I can't mention what it is because I need to tone down the racy comment so that
Heckamax will come back.


Anonymous said...

I think he is looking for some GHB. Maybe it is a narc post.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping he was looking for some Horny Goat Weed. Or as us dudes call it, some Goat. Some G. They got an endless supply at J St Liquor - I know that much.


DB said...

I liked the soup!

Anonymous said...

yes, I was felled by the tracks and for three long days was trapped in my house with the daytime television. I know I ain't saying nothin that you haven't heard before, but Dr. Phil is an enourmous douche.


beckler said...

an enormous douche that i love with all my heart.